Monday, June 27, 2011

Homeschool Highlights - Week of June 6, 2011

  • Attended worship services.
  • Read sunflower themed books
  • Rode bike (phys ed)
  • Wrote a letter and addressed an envelope to a friend (handwriting)
  • Played yard darts (phys ed)
  • Completed Secrets of Measuring for 4-H, part of her I Spy in the Kitchen project.  (home ec, math - more/less, measurements, fractions, following directions.  Since we were measuring anyhow, we made the rest of the family some delicious, chocolate no-bake cookies. 


Language/phonics:  Lessons 165 - 170.  Finshed Abeka 1 language/phonics.  Woo-hoo!
Field trip:   to our public library to pick out books for summer reading
Reading:  Read books for summer reading
Character lessons:  Watched a Berenstain Bears DVD and discussed behaviors.
Phys Ed:  Swimming

Reading:  Summer reading books
Phys Ed:  played t-ball, lawn darts, swimming, played cornhole, jumped on the trampoline, and rode bike


Completed Five Senses, a Brighter Vision Learning workbook.
Dance lessons

Completed Space and Planets, a Brighter Vision Learning workbook

Completed Our Earth, a Brighter Vision Learning workbook
Phys Ed:  Played Wii
Music:  Played Rock Band and Guitar hero with family.

Costume party at her friend, Emma's house.  This was a disasterous experience.  She did not want to play with the kids, but instead wanted to stay by me during the fun. 

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