Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Safety Brownie Try-It

 We started this badge sometime ago, but it got pushed to the wayside when things got insanely busy at the end of the school year. 

We read several safety themed books as discussion starters, although I have misplaced the list.

Street Safety. 
  • We practiced this first hand when going to the neighboring community for a theater field trip.  We discussed the walk/don't walk signs at the intersections and how to use the traffic lights if the intersections would not have a signal at the crosswalk. 
  • Practiced looking right, left, and right again at home.  (This was good because she needs help with her directions, as she still frequently confuses left and right).
  • Learned the poem that I learned as a child.  It must've been a good one, because it has stuck with me all these years :)   
Before you cross the street,
use your eyes,
use your ears,
and then use your feet.

Fire Safety.
  • Last fall, Shayla went through the fire safety trailer at our fair.  It was nice because since it was only our family touring at the time, we were able to get lots of one-on-one attention and ask plenty of questions.
  • We also attended the fire safety presentations at the Christian school we are affiliated with last fall and spring.
  • We read Arthur's Fire Drill
  • Discussed fire escape plans for each room of our home.
  • Most fires can be prevented.  Listed ways of preventing fires.
  • Looked at the GS manual and identified causes of fires in the house picture.
  • Checked the smoke detector (no real need for that since it seems to go off everytime I cook) :)
  • Practiced Stop, Drop, and Roll.  That's always a favorite to review.

Playground Safety.
  • Read Barney's Safety book
  • Again, we had a real life discussion starter, when at our local park, Shayla was swinging.  I noticed as she went up the bottom of the swing was almost cracked clear through.  I told her to quickly get off the swing.  Obedience paid off this time, she was able to get off without the swing breaking on her.  After she got off, I showed her why I had asked her to and thanked her for her obedience.  (Can you tell we are still working on those character lessons?) :)
  • That same day, a little boy walked into Shayla as she was swinging.  She knocked him down.  Luckily he wasn't hurt badly and it really drove home the point of swing safety.
  • Discussed other playground safety rules.
Pool/Swimming Safety.
Since it's the season, we discussed pool and swimming safety even though it wasn't included in the manual.

First Aid.
Covered the following topics:
  • Making a first aid kit (already did)
  • infections.
  • bites and stings
  • burns
  • and choking. 

Here she is practicing the Heimlich manuever on me.  She was less than excited about doing it, so I had to add a little dramatic coughing to make it more realistic.

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