Monday, June 27, 2011

Homeschool Highlights - Week of June 12, 2011


Worship services.

 Infield for an afternoon of playing on the playground, putt-putt golfing (well, in Shayla's case, it was more like coralling. :)  And riding in the go-karts.  Shayla was too short to drive the big cars, but she liked it so much she asked Dad if she could go by herself in the little cars.  Whoa!  Did someone take my child and replace her with a look-alike? 

We had a great time and also enjoyed socializing with some of our church family.  Well, at least, Mom and Dad did.  :)


Art:  Made a bear foam craft kit.

Bible:  John 14:1-6

Devotions:  Old Yet New.  Lamentations 3:22-23

Reading:  Unit 1 of Helicopters and Gingerbread

Multiple Subjects (math, science, fine motor, language, reading, spelling):  Our Earth a Brighter Learning workbook

Read aloud:  Flat Stanley, Flat Again by Jeff Brown

Phys Ed:  Played Bocce ball

Science:  Observed our caterpillars and help set up the habitat to hatch out some painted lady butterflies. 

Travel Club at our local library (various subjects:  socialization, social studies, geography, art, music, phys ed)

The kids learned about several countries in a fun, hands-on way.  The kids were each given a passport and at each country, they received a sticker symbolizing the country.

  • First we traveled to Japan and listened to a story.
  • Next we traveled to Australia and learned to play a marble game.
  • Then on to the Caribbean were we made a musical shaker with a water bottle and dried beans.  We also enjoyed a friendly game of limbo, complete with some Caribbean tunes.
  • Lastly we traveled to Argentina for tea time. 


Flag Day!  We discussed Old Glory and what flags in the past looked like (social studies)

Bible:  Matthew 5:13-16

Devotions:  Sticky Brains.  Psalm 119:97

Reading:  Helicopters and Gingerbread  Unit 2:  Here Come the Helicopters

Read Aloud:  Flat Stanley, Flat Again

Multiple Subjects:  My Busy Day.  A Brighter Vision Learning workbook

  • Place value with popsicle sticks - 10's and 1's
  • Reviewed addition and subtraction flashcards
Phys Ed:  Bocce ball

Reading:  Read a pile of books for pleasure

Science:  Observed caterpillar habitat

Health:  We worked on I Spy in the Kitchen 4-H project - Digging for Veggie Snacks.  She is making snack for demonstration.  It is carrots and celery sticks.

 We discussed the importance of washing produce, even if it is organic and she helped wash it and put it into the tray.  She did not help cut the veggies because she's not demonstrating the ability to use a knife at this time.

Multiple subjects:  4-H meeting. 

This is the ceramic stone she sketched at the last meeting after it has been baked.  It will be in our group's fair booth with everyone else's.

We watched Daniel do a demonstration on getting a boiled egg into a bottle and out again (science) 

Shayla did her demonstration for snack.  No she did not give a speech, but I did assist her and she shook her head to yes/no questions.

Casey gave his demonstration on monarch butterfly habitats.


Phys Ed:  Ballet and clogging lessons

Art:  Made another foam craft project.

Science/4-H:  Packed backpack and went out on first nature hike for 4-H project, Let's Explore the Outdoors. 

This is what was in her emergency kit.
Taking the whole gang on the hike!  Probably won't see much wildlife with the company she is keeping!

 Animal signs we found:  a bird feather, a snake hole, a deer track, and an hole in a tree for a bird.
Took an herbal field guide and identified native plants and discussed medicinal properties.

Top:  Blood root
Bottom:  may apple


Bowling with the family!  (phys ed)  We signed up for two free games of bowling each day at  This was the first time Shayla had ever bowled and we all had a great time! 
The girls did have the extra bonus of bumper bowling. 
Not bad for first time bowlers!

Saturday:  Nature Detectives program at the state park.  This weeks' theme is:  Scat and Tracks/Animal Signs:  Who Was Here?
Kids and adults were grossed out by the rubber animal scat.  We formed our own scat out of tootsie rolls.  Unbelievably, the kids ate their scat.  Ewww! 
We looked at these plaster of paris models of animal footprints.Then we made tracks in sand.

In the evening we went back to The Infield to ride go-karts.  Shayla wanted to share the experience with Morgan and her boyfriend, Chris.  This time we bought wristbands for $15 each and rode for an hour.  Let's just say that an hour is more time than anyone needs to ride a go-kart!


Despite being dizzy, everyone having bruises and back pains and being covered in some black substance from the track, we had a great time! 

Then we went to the local playground for more fun, but no photos because my camera battery died.

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