Monday, June 27, 2011

Homeschool Highlights - Week of May 29, 2011

Sunday:  Worship services.  On the way to church, Dad spotted this turtle walking on the road.  He picked him up so he didn't get squished on the road and brought him home to our little water pond.  Shayla has named him "Turquoise" after the turtle on Blue's Clues.  So far we are all having a great time finding worms for the turtle to eat.  I don't know how long that will last!

Then we went to the local cemetary where Morgan and her high school band put on the annual Memorial Day program to honor veterans. 

Bible:  Matthew 22:36-39
Devotions:  Perfect?  2 Samuel 22:31-33
Reading:  Read A House is a House for Me.  We discussed the main idea and pointed out the compound words.  Completed pg 273 Two Words in One Compound Word and verbally classified homes/animal habitats.
Language/phonics:  Lessons 155-158
GCS picnic at the state park.  We had a wonderful time with some of our homeschooling friends

Phys Ed:  We came home and went swimming.  We noticed Shayla's arms were covered in dime sized welts and thought she was having a severe reaction to poison ivy from the park.  Thankfully, it turned out to not be poison, but was a reaction to a new vinyl pool raft.

Bible:  Genesis 1:1-5
Devotions:  A Gift to Read.  Psalm 67
Some time ago, we mailed off the required Bible verses to earn Badge 9 prize pack and here are the awards she received.

Language/phonics:  Lessons 159-164
  • Place values.  Used popsicle sticks to make numbers (ones & tens) 
  • Reviewed addition/subtraction flashcards
  • Played Boggle jr. Picture Addition
Phys Ed:  Lawn darts

Reading:  Read 10 books aloud to earn HE Buddy t-shirt and prize pack.  (Since I'm behind in posting, we did mail it in and received this awesome prize pack about 2 weeks later!) 


Reading:  Completed reading 8 books aloud for the Barnes and Noble summer reading program.  We went to the store and for her free book prize she picked out Flat Stanley, Flat Again by Jeff Brown.

Multiple subjects:  Attended a homeschool carnival put on by friends in a neighboring community.  We had a great time talking with old friends, meeting new friends, (well, mom and Morgan did ;) playing games, etc.

Geography/Social studies/computer skills/writing/language/foreign language:  Completed her first Little Passports kit.
Science/art/multiple subjects:  Nature Detectives program at state park.  Theme:  Insects:  What's Bugging You?

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