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Homeschool Highlights - Weeks of March 20 & 27, 2011

  • Reading for pleasure.  It is great to see Shayla pick a book off the bookshelf and read the actual words, not because she has to, but because she enjoys reading!
  • Read alouds.  Still clearing the bookcases.  We read a stack of books and decided half were favorites to keep and half we would get rid of. 
  • Phys Ed:  Plenty of outdoors playtime.  Hula-hooping, shooting basketball, jumping on the trampoline, soccer ball, tetherball, swinging, whew, and at 39 years old, I still try to keep up with her. 
  • Science:  While outside, we discussed the changing of the season to spring and noted some changes (increased bird sounds, buds forming on maple tree, grass is beginning to green up (UGH!)
  • Phys Ed:  Wii Fit Plus.  She is trying new games daily.  It's great to see her progress on this program.
  • Started our Bible program on God Gives Us Community Helpers.


  • Easter:  Jesus Returns to Heaven. Acts 1:8-11.
  • Paul:  Saul is at Stephen's Death.  Acts 6:8, 10, 12-15, 7:55-60
Got a little behind here, but I wanted to show Shayla how God cares about all of the things we do, including all of her school subjects, so we just took a little time and did the rest of the devotions.

  • The Bible and Reading.  Acts 17:10-12
  • The Bible and Art.  2 Chronicles 2:13-16
  • The Bible and Recess.  Matthew 11:25-30
  • The Bible and Music.  Psalm 101:1
Hidden Treasures.  I am really liking this book because it is also teaching character and social studies about our Presidents and famous people of history. 
  • Abraham Lincoln and the Bible
  • Holy Bible, Book Divine
  • Thomas Jefferson
  • Little by Little
  • What the Flag Means
Read Aloud:  Castles, Caves, and Honeycombs by Linda Ashman.  This beautifully illustrated, easy-to-read book, is all about the habitats of many kinds of animals (science, social studies)


  • Luke 9:2  And he sent them to preach the kingdom of God, and to heal the sick.
  • That concludes Badge 8 - Addressed and mailed Badge 8

Unit Study:  God Made Community Helpers

  • Read various community helper books.  We had to choose only several community helpers because we have done this theme a time or two.
  • Mail carriers.  Discussed how mail carriers help our community.
  • Shayla addressed the envelope to the Star Family.  We discussed proper placement of street address, town, state and zip and return address.  We also discussed how we can help our mail carrier by writing as neatly as possible so they can quickly sort the mail.
  • Firefighters.  Discussed how firefighters help our community.
  • Solved this firetruck tray puzzle. 
  • Dressed up and acted out being a firefighter.  She could not find her firefighter helmet, so she wore her construction hard hat backwards instead.  Oh, and the rubber snake makes a dandy hose.  LOL!
  • Pastors.  Discussed how pastors help our community.
  • Built a church out of blocks.
  •  The top of Shayla's block church said I am.  We discussed how this is a name of God - the great, I Am.
  • Medical Professionals.  Discussed how different medical professionals help our community.
  • Dress up and act out being a doctor, nurse, dentist, and veterinarian. 
  • Made this hand craft.
  • Police officers.  Friday Shayla will attend a safety meeting at her school with a police officer.

Bible:  Paul:  Saul Hates the Christians.  Acts 8:1-3

Devotions:  Covered in White.  Isaiah 61:10

Reading:  Finished Hidden Treasures.  The Flag, Red White and Blue, What the Flag Said, The Mayflower Compact 

Read Aloud:  Shayla's library picks:  Your Big Backyard and American Girl Magazines.

Language/phonics:  Lessons 103-104

Math:  Addition/Subtraction Facts workbook pgs 23-27

Science:  Your Big Backyard magazine


Specials Day!
Field Trip to the local library
Phys Ed: Wii fit


Bible:  Saul Becomes a Christian.  Acts 9:3-9, 17, 18, 13:19

Devotions:  Unbelievable Upsets.  Deuteronomy 7:17-24

Reading:  All Through the Town.  She read the whole textbook in one sitting!

Read Aloud:  Read a pile of library books.

Language/phonics:  Lessons 105-106

Math:  Addition/Subtraction Facts wkbk pgs 28-32

  • Read I'm Growing by Aliki and discussed human growth and development stages. 
  • Read I Have a Weird Brother Who Digested a Fly and discussed digestion process.
Spelling:  List 18
Completed wkbk sections.  Played games and typed list 1x each on spelling city.  Scored 6 correct and 9 incorrect on pre-test.

We met our goal this week of 900 hours.  Now for those of you not familiar with our state's law.  We are required to complete 900 hours of instruction per year.  Not very much when you are almost always teaching!  LOL!  So what does this mean?  I guess officially, Shayla has completed 3rd grade.  How are we celebrating?  We're not celebrating til June when Morgan gets out of school.  In other words, school as usual, since she doesn't know any different.  The only difference is, maybe I can loosen up on myself more and plan more movies, games, read alouds, and field trips! :)

  • Worship services.  Pastor's kids are home from college on spring break, so worship services are truly a celebration!  Pastor and son play electric guitar, Michele, pastor's wife, juggles piano playing, then organizing/teaching children's church, and two of their daughters lead the singing.  What a talented, musical family!  Oh, and did I mention, Jeff and Michele homeschooled all four of their kids all the way through high school!
  • Wii.  Continuing practice with hand/eye coordination and using left/right sides together. (phys ed)
All day long I kept a secret from my girls.  Daddy was bringing home a new addition to our family!
Meet Sophie! 
Sophie is a 4 week old Chihuaha, toy poodle, terrier mix. 

Don't let her small size fool you!  She gets into big mischief!



Paul:  Paul and Silas Are in Jail.  Acts 16:22-32.  This is the story of when Paul is in jail and the earthquake knocks all the walls down.  The jailer is so distraught, he is planning to kill himself, but Paul assures him that all the prisoners are still there.  At that time, the jailer gives his life to Christ. 

Shayla understood this lesson because of our VBS from several years ago.  When we did the Rome VBS, they re-enacted this scene.  I love seeing her put all these things together! 

Devotions:  A Heavenly Reunion.  Colossians 3:1-4

Kings Kids program.  This is not only the last Kings Kids program for the year, but for good.  Since the public school kids are moving to another school next year, they will be unable to walk to the church, so unless we can get permission from the school to hold meetings at the new school, we are finished with this program.

Reading:  Make-A-Wish:  A Morning in Fall, Who Took the Farmer's Hat, ABC Books, A Rainbow for Sara, How to Make a Bird's Nest, What Does Little Birdie Say?  Polar Bear Leaps

Read Aloud:  Snow What Fun, American Girl Magazine, and an article a day from Above Rubies magazine.  For years, Shayla has seen me read these and been intrigued by the pictures of the large families, so I thought, why not read them to her since she's interested.  The magazine represents how to have a Godly marriage and family, so it's definately worth the time it takes.

Language/phonics:  Lessons 107-108

Math:  Workbook pages


Bible:  God Wrote the Bible.  2 Peter 1:20, 21

Devotions:  Rye, Whole Wheat or Pita?  John 6:48-51

Reading:  Make a Wish:  Plays, The Three Little Pigs, Under a Stone, A World of Animals, The Months, The Hare and the Tortoise, Mercy Percy!

Read aloud:  Above Rubies and Clubhouse magazines, books from our bookshelf

Activities/Art:  Cork Painting and Stamping Art

Phys Ed:  Lots of Wii Fit and outside play - hula hooping, jumping on the trampoline, walking, swinging

Science:  Looked at the spring buds and the spring flowers that are coming up from bulbs we planted.  It's funny, we didn't plant the tulips last year, I thought the bulbs had been eaten because they didn't come up last year, but the tulip shoots are up this year.
We also looked for our cat, Muffy, we believe she may have had a litter of spring kittys overnight.

Math:  Workbook pages.  Played educational games including Memory Matching and Farkle Dice Game


Specials day
Ballet/Clogging lessons
Wii Fit
Trip to local library


Bible:  The Bible:  God's Word Brings Us Salvation and Instruction.
Devotions:  Small Things Are Important.  Mark 10:13-16
Reading:  Make a Wish:  Unit 2.  I Want to Be Big Now!  Then, The End, If I Were, The Story Game, Pirate Story, Hippo Makes a Wish, Words Are All Around

Read Aloud:  Blue's Clues Discovery Series books

Language/phonics:  Lessons 109-110

  • workbook pgs 35-37. 
  • Read aloud Adding Puppies and Kittens 
  • Played math games on cool
Spelling:  Finished list 18.  Completed wkbk sections 2-3.  Took test.  Scored 14 correct out of 15.

Phys ed:  Wii fit


Bible:  God's Word is Powerful.  Hebrews 4:12

Devotions:  Is Forgiveness Free?  Isaiah 53:1-6

Reading:  Finished Make a Wish.  Unit 2.  Lee Bennett Hopkins Interviews David McPhail, The Bear's Toothache, By Myself, Retelling a Story, Melissa's Friend Kim, Me and My Flying Machine

Read Aloud:  Blue's Clues Discovery Series Books

Language/phonics:  Lessons 111-112

Field Trip/Music:  Enjoyed the high school musical production of Little Miss Mary Sunshine at Morgan's school. 

Although Morgan did not have a part in the production, she was involved behind the scenes as a member of the makeup and wardrobe committee and passing, as well as, making and distributing the programs.

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