Sunday, December 26, 2010

Homeschool Highlights - Week of October 24, 2010

  • Attended worship services.
  • Read aloud a pile of books and several chapters of our current read-aloud, Junie B. Jones the Almost Flower Girl.
  • Devotion:  Psalm 139:13-15 How do you look?
  • Finished making the parrot craft we started several weeks ago.  Discussed the mouth and tongue and what it means to Repeat only good things (like the parrot's cracker says.   (Bible, art, character)
  • Activities:  Made colored ice cubes.  Will do science experiment on these tomorrow. 
  • Activities:  Colored coffee filters with markers in fall colors.  Will finish this art project up tomorrow.
  • Watched and discussed as sirens, squads, and then med-flight came to our neighbors.  I never realized how BIG those helicopters are in real life!  We don't know the prayer needs of this situation, but we do know there NEEDS to be prayer, so we did. 


Bible:  Read God Calls David.
Devotions:  Acts 16:13-15 God Opens Hearts

Kings Kids:  Worksheet putting ALL the books of the old testament in order.  Shayla is able to sing the song, and is learning to find chapters and verses in the Bible.  She was unable to understand putting a number in front of the mixed up books.  Although I was in attendance, I was given instructions to not give assistance to her or anyone, it was just to see where everyone is.

As she gave the correct answers, we were to grade our papers.  As I marked x after x on Shayla's paper, I could see that it bothered her.  I found myself comparing her to other kids once again.  Even though I know she knows this, she is not able to learn it or do it in the way it is being taught.  I fear that standardized testing will prove to be much the same.  :(  

Even worse, what she seen as a personal attack on her intelligence was in vain.  The worksheet did not even have them in the correct order! 

Anyone have any advice?  I was taking her to programs like these to boost her confidence and allow her to socialize in a Christian atmosphere, but I feel that this was too competitive. 

Reading:  Secrets & Surprises:  Let's Go to the Pond and Five Little Ducks

Read aloud:  Junie B. Jones is (almost) a Flower Girl and a pile of seasonal books.

Activities:  Played Pizza Palace board game.  It is a listening and learning game.


Bible:  Read David Decides to Fight the Giant.  We also sang, "Only a boy named David." (music)

Devotions:  What's in a Name?  Matt. 1:23 and Luke 1:31.  We discussed the origins of Shayla's name, which happens to mean fairy princess in Irish.

Read aloud:  Finished Junie B. Jones is (almost) a Flower Girl.

Handwriting:  Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.  Blessed are the peacemakers:  for they shall be called the children of God.

Science:  Senses. 
  • Read My Tongue.
  • Discussed how the tongue can be a weapon or used for encouragement and praise.
  • Sang Oh, be careful little mouth what you say. (music) 
  • Read My Nose
  • Read Smell It!  (We normally would have done the activities, but we both have a bit of a cold, so we just skipped them this time.)

  • Read My Skin.
Science:  Weather.  We have a bad storm coming this way, so we have been watching weather and discussing tornado safety.

Social Studies:  Native Americans. 
  • Read library books about Native Americans
  • Discussed different tribes.  Completed pg 394.
  • Discussed Native American homes and completed pg 395.
  • Built a little teepee and used it in play with plastic Indians.

Field Trip:  Trip to local library for movies and books for the coming week.


Specials Day at school! 

Library:  She chose two Junie B. Jones books this week.  She really enjoys reading these as read alouds, they are perfectly written from a kindergardener/first grader prospective.

Music:  Working on music for this year's Christmas program.

Art:  Making a fall collage.

Phys Ed:  Played a fish game. 

Phys Ed:  Dance classes. 

Bible:  The Psalms.  God is the Maker of All
Devotions:  Liberty- A New Start
Reading:  Secrets and Surprises.  Let's Go to the Zoo!  Dad
Read Aloud:  Junie B. First Grader, Jingle Bells, Batman Smells (P.S. So Does May.)
Lang/phonics:  Lesson 56 & 57
Spelling:  Played Tic Tac Toe Spelling with list 8 words.  Completed wkbk parts 2 & 3.
Math:  Lesson 71
Science:  Discovering My Toys:  Water Toys.  Take a bath and purposely play with bath toys (pouring, mixing, measuring, etc).  Discuss floating/sinking.  Read Floating and Sinking. 

Science Activities: We started this experiment the other day.  We made ice cubes and added a few drops of food color.  Question: Would the ice cubes melt and turn the water colors? 

The answer:  An overwhelming, Yes! 

Bible:  Psalms:  God Commands Righteousness. 
Devotions: A New Cook.  2 Cor. 5:17-19
Reading:  Secrets & Surprises:  Going to the Farm, Let's Go to the Farm, Farming
Read Aloud:  Junie B. First Grader:  Jingle Bells, Batman Smells (p.s. So Does May)
Language/phonics:  Lesson 58.  Test.  Scored -35 out of 150.
Math:  Lesson 72.
Spelling:  Test list 8.  Missed 4 our of 9 words.  Copied list 9 1x.
Science:  Discovering My Toys:  Air. 
  • Read Air is All Around Me. 
  • Played with bubbles,


and balls!

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