Sunday, December 26, 2010

Homeschool Highlights - Week of October 31, 2010

Weekend Schooling:

Not much went on.  Instead we spent time with our oldest daughter, who was home for the weekend!

Read aloud:  We were able to finish Junie B. Jones Jingle Bells, Batman Smells (P.S. So Does May). 


I was right!  The political calls are crazy today!  Half a dozen political calls and it's not even noon!   It makes teaching a highly distractable child next to impossible.  Oh well, we'll do what we can do!

Bible:  God Created All Things.  Psalms 19:1-8

Devotions:  Toasted Pumpkin Seeds.  Colossians 4:2-6

Reading:  Secrets and Surprises.  Clouds, Camping, and Let's Go Camping!

Read aloud:  Junie B. Jones and a Little Monkey Business.  This is the perfect pick for our situation right now.  Although, I am not having a baby, my daughter is.  Shayla is going through many of the same emotions as Junie B. is with getting a new baby in the family.

Shayla lovingly refers to baby Mikaela as "that stupid, poopy-head baby!"

Kings Kids program.

Music:  Attended Morgan's band concert/award ceremony.



Air.  Read Air is All Around You by Franklyn Branley.  Discussed why you need air for bubbles, balls, and balloons. 
Wind.  Read Feel the Wind by Arthur Dorros.  Discussed last week's wind storm.  Would have flown a kite for an activity, but there was no wind today, maybe another day. :(

Bible:  God is Merciful.  Psalm 25:1-6

Devotions:  S'more of God's Word.  Psalm 122.

Reading:  Secrets and Surprises.  Interstate, Hey Diddle, Diddle, I See the Moon, Man in the Moon, Grandma's Glasses.

Shayla has been singing the words to the poems she reads lately.  LOL!

Read Aloud:  Finished Junie B. Jones and a Little Monkey Business.

Unit Study:  Fall Leaves Fall.  Finishing up activities from last week.  We read the book and cut out the coffee filters into leaf shapes by tracing around fallen leaves. 

We had fun decorating the windows with them! (art, science)

Social Studies:  Native Americans.  We started this last week, but got a little behind.  We read these library books.  Last week we learned about different tribes and Native American homes.  Today we learned about weapons that Native Americans used.  She was very interested in learning that Natives used slingshots, like David used to kill Goliath. 

Oh, the mind of a 9 yr old!

She did a color page of Native Americans kids in traditional clothing.  And did a creative writing project on the back.

Field trip:  Library for weekly resources.

GCS Specials/Dance

Bible:  God is Powerful and Majestic.  Psalm 29:1-5
Devotions:  Bumps on a Log.  Matt. 25: 14-30
Reading:  Secrets & Surprises:  Meet Beth and Brad, Birthday Surprise
Read Aloud:  Junie B. First Grader, at Last.
Language/phonics:  Lesson 61
Math:  Lesson 75

Bible:  God Wants our Praise.  Psalm 34:1-3
Devotions:  Resurrection Rolls.  Luke 24:1-12
Reading:  Secrets & Surprises:  Getting Too Much.
Read Aloud:  Junie B. First Grader (at last)
Language/phonics:  Lesson 62
Math:  Lesson 76
Activity:  Make a list of 5 zoo animals and put them in alphabetical order (science, language, writing, spelling)

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