Saturday, July 9, 2011

Homeschool Highlights - Weeks of June 26 and July 3, 2011


Worship services.  Badge of Honor. 

Science:  While at church services, our painted lady butterflies hatched out of their cocoons.  We read the directions and prepared orange slices and dipped the flower in sugar water for them to eat from.

Phys Ed:  OT exercises, trampoline

Learning Games:  Dora Memory matching.

Fishing and fellowship with our church family. 
Followed by a paddle boat ride around the pond.


Phys Ed:  We are starting every day again using some occupational therapy techniques to improve Shayla's visual processing disorder.  It also seems to help her relax and focus. 

In addition to the exercises from Brain Gym, we are also incorporating more time into our school day to jump on the trampoline, push-ups and sit-ups. 

Don't worry, she LOVES all the movement!  It's good for mom, too.  We had cut back on physical education and mom was putting on the pounds.  :)

Multiple subjects:  Travel Club at the library.  We went to 10 different stations earning stickers in a passport for each activity we completed.  The activities were all based on the dewey decimal system. 

Playing board games with family.  Let's see, what subject would that be under?  Character - learning to take turns, be a good sport, math - counting spaces. 

Drugstore coupon shopping.  (reading - finding the right product, math, socialization) I am trying to get the girls to take over this, or at least help out more.  I am treating it like a treasure hunt.  Shayla is more likely to help find the items if she can cross them off the list.

Passport to Fishing program at the State Park.  Kids learn about different types of fish and good fishing techniques, then they are each given their own pole, bait, and an official fishing license.  (science)
She was only one of two people who caught a fish this morning.
Love this picture of a dragonfly.  Photo credits, hubby.  ;)
Clogging and ballet lessons (phys ed)

Summer Reading program.  Mike Hemmelgarn, Ventriloquist.  We were amused by his entire show, especially the part where he picked Morgan out of the audience to be his puppet.  LOL! Let's just say, she was not that thrilled. 
Thursday:  4H meeting

Worked on 4H project:  I Spy in the Kitchen.  Shayla and Morgan made snickerdoodle cookies for the Cookie Caper project.  It was not hard to get Morgan to help out this time :)  Shayla also finished up the manners section by watching a video on manners and learning how to set a proper place setting.

Went to see Cars 2 at the drive-in movie theater.  Although, Shayla fell asleep before it was over, we had a great time!

Shayla attended a fairy birthday party at her friend, Maggie's house.

Nature Detectives program.  Theme:  Animal Senses.
The kids are attentive as the teacher feeds the toad the mealworms.

We made a last minute decision to go to a nearby community for the hot air balloon fest.  However, after driving all that way, and walking 8 blocks to the field, we were disappointed to find out that the balloon glow was not going to happen because of a slight breeze and chance of rain.  But, we were fortunate to watch a fireworks display on the way home.

Sunday:  Fireworks in another neighboring community.

Monday:  Swimming, another fireworks display and attended two 4th parties.

Tuesday:  Trip to Whole Foods.

Wednesday:  Summer reading entertainment:  Cowboy Magic.  A mix of magician, comedian, and more.


Bible:  Theme:  God Made the Fish. 
We started this fish paper craft, but it proved to be too difficult for Shayla, but not for mom, so I finished it. (art)

Read several Bible stories about fish. 
Sang Gonna Go Fishing by Mary Rice Hopkins (music)
Played ABSeas game.
We played a fishing game.
Made an I spy bag with the plastic fish and shaving cream, but she just couldn't take the temptation of seeing that cool, foamy, creamy, cream....You guessed it, she had to have her hands in it!
Friday:  Trip to Developmental Optometrist for vision therapy.  She gave us many new exercises to try. 

Saturday:  Nature Detectives.  Theme:  Old Time Country Ways.

This was the 15th visit to the state park, so Shayla earned her Jr. Naturalist Award for this summer.  She picked out a park blanket as a prize!

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