Saturday, December 25, 2010

Homeschool Highlights - Week of November 21, 2010


Read aloud:  Thanksgiving themed books.

Health:  Write and draw a picture of 3 safety rules.

P.E:  Outside playtime.  Enjoyed this late fall, Indian summer day! 

Creative writing:  Complete this sentence and draw a picture to go with it.  Thanksgiving is...

Bible/art:  Made a paper plate turkey and wrote things we are thankful for on each of the feathers.

Give thanks unto the Lord, call upon his name, make known his deeds among the people.  I Chronicles 16:8


  • Played playdough.
  • Fingerpainted and made abstract sponge paintings.
Learning Games:  Played multiple games of Memory and Uno.  The whole family got involved!  :)

Bible:  God Reigns on High.  Psalm 93:1-5.

Devotions:  Some Days are Like That.  Psalm 118:24. 

Kings Kids:  Shayla opened up and started speaking and making friendships!  :)

Reading:  The Bridge Book.  The Garden Patch, Little Jimmy Jones, Billy B., Away He Flew

Read Aloud:  Junie B. First Grader:  Toothless Wonder

Language/phonics:  Lesson 68.

Math:  Lesson 82.  Done in record time with Touch Math method!

Spelling:  It was supposed to be test day, but Shayla is not seeming to memorize the words anymore.  This weeks words are -er, -ur, -ir sounds.  Instead she played pick the letter that completes the word game on Spelling City.  She scored 93% - 14 out of 15 correct. 

Handwriting:  John 15:8  Herein is my Father glorified, that ye bear much fruit;

Bible:  God Shows His Benefits.  Psalm 103:1-5.

Devotions:  Do I Know You?  James 4:7-8.

Reading:  The Bridge Book.  Bigger, Softer, Longer, Tinier, Prettier, Funnier, Reading Quickly, Hide and Seek, My Garden.

Read Aloud:  Junie B. First Grader:  Toothless Wonder.

Social Studies:  Colonial America, Pilgrims, Thanksgiving, and Character trait - Thankfulness.

We got behind just trying to do the basics (math, language/phonics, and reading), so we had a few weeks assignments to get done before breaking for the holiday.   They were important and fun, so we dedicated most of the day to social studies. 

  • Read many books related to the above themes.
  • Discussed basic needs of early settlers. 
  • How did the pilgrims prepare for their voyage?  How did they get supplies they needed? 
  • Demonstrate the pilgrims' journey on the globe.  Where did they go prior to coming to the New World?
  • Discuss why the pilgrims were willing to undergo the hardships of the journey and life in the New World.  Would you be willing to undergo such hardships for your religious freedoms?
  • Discussed community.  Would the pilgrims voyage and early colony have worked if there wasn't a sense of community?
  • How did the pilgrims procure their food?  What kinds of foods were available to them?  Was this a balanced diet?  How did the pilgrims diet compare with our diet today?
  • Discuss exciting events and difficulties that you may have endured if you sailed on the Mayflower. 
  • The voyage on the Mayflower was long.  But even after arriving at the New World, pilgrims had to live on the Mayflower until they built homes.  The first homes were common houses, where many or all of the pilgrims lived, but later families built small log cabins.  For a hands-on lesson, Shayla built a log cabin with Lincoln logs.
  • How did the Native Americans help the pilgrims? What caused this relationship to end eventually?
  • Read Berenstain Bears Count Their Blessings.  Who/what are you thankful for?  How can we show thanks? 
  • Watched Disney's Pocahontas movie.

     This is the book she made.
    The pilgrims
    Sailed the ocean on the Mayflower.
    During the voyage, a baby was born, they called the baby, Oceanus.

    With the help of the Indians, the pilgrims built strong houses.

    Squanto helped the pilgrims with planting and hunting.  He became a very good friend.
    At harvest time, there was more than enough fruits and vegetables to prepare for the winter.
    The Pilgrims gave thanks to God for their many blessings. 
    The pilgrims learned to hunt from the Indians. 
    I am thankful for all the many blessings from God!

Specials day and dance lessons. 

Thursday & Friday:  Thanksgiving Break. 

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