Monday, July 19, 2010

Homeschool Highlights - Week of July 11, 2010

Will someone please tell me where summer has gone?  UGH! 


Went fishing as a summer fun thing with our church group.  We had fun laughing, talking, roasting hot dogs over a fire.  We didn't catch a fish, but others did.  Fisherman is not on my mommy resume.  LOL!  But we did make an attempt.

Surprise Day! 

First, Shayla received her prize pack from the Star Family.  It included Badge 6, a DVD, a music CD, several Bible memory verse cards and a letter from Miss Adria! 

Next, an unexpected visit and a call from different family members.  Both were welcome changes in routine!

Water Works program.  This week's theme:  Watery Crafts!

This was definately a hit.  There were more kids at this class than all the classes thus far.  I don't think Shayla is the only child to enjoy crafts and hands-on fun.

Station 1:  Flowery necklaces.
They strung these fabric flowers and bits of straw to make beautiful necklaces or bracelets.

Station 2:  Balloon Boats.  Nikki helped the kids turn balloons and bubble wrap into a cute boat craft. 

Station 3:  Footprints in the Sand.  The kids stepped into a pan filled with sand and made imprints of their feet.  Next, Morgan and Miss Ellen poured plaster of paris in the footprints to make models of their feet.

Station 4:  Sand Castles.  This was by far Shayla's favorite!  They started with 3 toilet paper tubes and covered them with glue, then sand. 

Station 5:  Watery pictures.  The kids colored an ocean scene on heavy paper.  Then they painted over it with blue magic water to make a shimmery effect.

Here are all the projects she proudly made!


And the crafts just keep coming! 

Wild Days at the State Park.  This is another wonderful science based program.  Kids spend two hours, two days each summer month, moving from station to station.

Station 1:  The kids learned about a watershed and water pollution with this hand-on fun, learning diagram.

Shayla was adding some "pesticide" into the mix.

Station 2:  Earth bracelets. We learned about reducing, reusing, and recycling and why we should be good stewards of the earth.   The kids made a beaded bracelet and were given a paper that told the symbolic meaning of each color of bead. 

Station 3:  Rainsticks.  Miss Daneen showed us some Native American rainsticks made from cactus. 

Then we made our own out of cardboard tubes.  We pounded nails in, then added beans and rice for sound.  Last comes the fun part!  Painting, adding leather cord and beads, and feathers. 

Station 4:  Queen Anne's Lace.  We learned about this beautiful wildflower, then we used the heads of the flowers for paintbrushes.


Library show:  Papa Dioux's Well.  Lindsey, a storyteller from World of Difference, talked to us about life in Haiti and taught us some Creole language.  She demonstrated how the people carry five gallon buckets of water on their heads for miles, then with help from the audience she retold a traditional folk tale from Haiti about why the lizard drinks from water puddles and hides from all the other animals. 

At the end of the show we had an opportunity to look at Lindsey's scrapbook from her trip to Haiti and to purchase a t-shirt.  Shayla was more than happy to have another t-shirt to add to her collection!


Started our Science Wonders badgework.

Who needs textbooks to learn sciencce when you have baby kittens?  The girls are having so much fun this summer with this litter of baby kitties.  They spent some time watching them and caring for them.


Dance lessons!  After a two week break, Shayla resumed her dance lessons.  She was glad to be back, oh, and she had an extra spring in her step today because big sister, Morgan, came to watch her dance today!

Field trip: 

The Beach!  Our family and one of Morgan's friends, enjoyed a fun and relaxing afternoon together in the sun, sand, and water! 

What a great way to reconnect and recharge!

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