Sunday, July 25, 2010

Homeschool Highlights - Week of July 18, 2010

We are kind of on vacation.  I mean a workcation.  Dad took some much needed time off from his job, so our schedules are definately, um, off and um, different.  LOL!


  • Attended worship services. 
  • Spent some time listening to Mom read aloud.
  • Watched Radio, a family movie. 
  • Lots and lots of swimming time!
Water works program.  This week's theme:  Pirates. 

Station 1:  Before the voyage begins, each table had to come up with an original pirate name.  We were the Treasures. 

Each child made a pirate hat and do a skull and crossbones dot-to-dot.

Look at my silly pirate!

We then had to find people who had completed 5 challenges.  When we got 5 in a row, we had a "Blimey."  Examples of the questions were:  Find someone who has swabbed a deck (or mopped the floor), find someone who has been on a boat, someone who has eaten lobster, etc.

Station 2:  Bandaging a fellow pirate.  Shayla was chosen to help Nikki complete this task!

Station 3:  Go to the Island and have a scavenger hunt.  Oh, but to make this challenge more difficult, the teams had to hold onto a rope made of tied rags!  :)

Station 4:  Pin the Feather on the Parrot.  Team members had to give verbal directions to the blindfolded team member. 

Station 5:  Get on the Island Away From the Sharks game (a variation of musical chairs).  Hula hoops on the floor represented islands.


Reading:  Finished up the second summer reading challenge from our local library.  She had to complete eight activities including: 

  • read a magazine
  • read a fiction book
  • read a book about water or pirates
  • listen to a music CD
Her prize?  She got to select a book to keep! 


Met with the co-ordinator of the Independent Studies program at the Christian school she will begin attending in the fall. 

It sounds like it's going to be a little more paperwork for mom, but lots of fun and more opportunities for friendship for Shayla.


I don't think even the most organized person could have fit anything more into our day!

Summer is when we try to take care of all the routine appointments.  Today (don't ask me how it happened), we managed to get 1 doctor appointment, 3 dental cleanings and 1 eye doctor visit in.


Dance classes.  Shayla had a few surprises today.  First off, dance was at a different location (which we had discussed the difference prior to going.)  When we got there, we were pleasantly surprised that Shayla's private lessons are no longer private.  She is being joined by a girl the same age as her with special needs that are similar to her. 

We spent some of the evening processing plums.  My aunt and uncle recently blessed me with five bags of fresh plums.  Unfortunately, my schedule has been too full to do anything with them, but today something HAD to be done with them, because, well, we all know fresh fruit doesn't last.  LOL! 

Shayla enjoys "giving the food a bath," carrying it over and squishing it through the strainer. 


Nature Detectives program.  Today's theme:  Animals on the Move.

This is the flying squirrel craft that Shayla made.
 Beetles were put on these lines to have a race.

Mazie the corn snake, eating lunch.  Eeww!!!

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