Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Homeschool Highlights - Week of July 4, 2010

Shayla has finally realized what summer vacation is.  I had hoped to do school straight through the summer, no such luck. Oh well. . . I guess we are both taking a much needed break from doing papers, but not hands-on learning.


We attended my sister-in-law's wedding.  The couple made it official after having been together for 19 years! 

I took some of the photographs.
It was a great time seeing the two become a couple and visiting with family and friends.

Next, we went to several annual July 4th celebrations to visit with friends and watch the fireworks by the lake.

Monday & Tuesday: 

The only educational thing I can think of is phys ed.  Shayla has learned how to swim.  I think she has turned into a mermaid! 


Went to our library's summer reading program and watched storyteller/magician, Tess Schimko.  Again, the show was entertaining for kids and adults alike.

The kids especially enjoyed meeting Marshmallow, the rabbit, instead of a skunk that they thought was hiding in the box.

I liked how she incorporated specific children's books into her show.  Bet those books will be checked out a lot.


Field trip:  We went to our local water park for some fun.  Oh, and I forgot to mention, it was free because it was hubby's company picnic day.  Unfortunately for us, we started the day with rain, and we ended the day with rain.  The middle four hours we spent the time leisurely floating around the creek and playing in the kid's water park. 


Nature Detectives program.  This weeks theme was old fashioned country ways. 

She went where the program normally is held and there were many craft stations set up.  There were a few people there, but mostly they came and went.  Shayla enjoyed it so much that she made several crafts.  We spent an hour making crafts.

She made a sheep paper bag puppet, a paper butterfly, painted a paper plate watermelon, a bookmark and beaded a bracelet.

Next we went to watch a hard working friend.  We watched her scrubbing rags clean on the washboard and then hanging them out to dry.

Lastly, we watched some ladies churning cream into butter.

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