Monday, June 7, 2010

Homeschool Highlights - Week of May 23, 2010

For those of you counting, we finished up our formal homeschooling last week.  What exactly does that mean?  It means I have fulfilled my annual obligations for learning to the state. 

We will still continue to "play school," but it probably will not be as structured.  I continue to work with her with reading and math skills, because if she doesn't use it, she'll lose it.  I hope to do either reading and/or math daily (or almost) until we finish up the Abeka curriculum.  I plan on doing more scouts, art, phys ed, playdates, and other learning opportunities (like the summer reading programs at the library).

Don't tell her it's supposed to be summer break.  Ok?  It's easy to get away with it now, because Morgan is still in school, we'll see what happens when she finishes for the summer.  :)


Phys ed:  Miss Kathie gave homework from ballet class last week.  We are to practice positions 1-5, plies, and releves. 

I will probably be feeling those plies and releves later. :)

Handwriting:  1 Peter 5:8

We did most of our lessons outside on a blanket under the maple tree.  It's amazing what a change in scenery can do for your attitude.  I wasn't the only one that felt this way, Shayla remarked several times yesterday that it was the best day ever.

Field Trip:  Attended Morgan's last band concert. 

*Note to self:  We sat on the plastic bleachers rather than the metal folding chairs.  It was an experiment.  Shayla used to be fine at these concerts when we sat on the bleachers.  First of all, it's more toward the back, but I reason that the music seems to conduct more through the metal folding chairs.  Thereby, you can feel the music go into your whole body.  I am a highly sensitive person and notice these things, too, but not to the degree that Shayla does.  Regardless if it's proven scientific fact, it worked, Shayla actually had fun, although, yes, she still plugged her ears the whole time!  UGH!

(We also did 1 hour of phys ed, read aloud - both Shayla and I, one lesson of reading/phonics/spelling and math)


Reading:  Shayla finished Fun With Pets the first book in the Abeka readers.

Social Studies/Reading/Arts:  I read Dance is Fun aloud.  It told the different time periods and the history behind each dance.  It was fun to incorporate countries and culture into her new interest of dancing.

Unit Study:  We finished up the unit study on Little Rabbit's Loose Tooth by Lucy Bate.

Little Rabbit has a loose tooth and has trouble deciding what to eat.  After several days, she looses her tooth, but now she must decide what to do with her tooth. 

Finally, she decides to put the tooth under her pillow for the Tooth Fairy.  She awakens in the morning to find a dime under her pillow, instead of her tooth.

This story reminds me of someone else I know of.  Only she has never put her teeth under the pillow, she is terrified of the thought of the Tooth Fairy. 

First we read a story about bunnies.  (science)

Shayla loved learning about the bunnies.  She had been asking for one as a pet prior to this.  Hopefully, we can hold her off until she is old enough for 4-H next year. 

Next we searched through our own personal library and found several books with the tooth fairy theme. 

We discussed what the tooth fairy might do with all those teeth.
We would have done a full blown tooth unit, but we have already done that one several times.  I usually do that around the time for a dental appointment.

Lastly, we did a paper packet.  Including these crafts:

This is Little Rabbit.  I love her use of colors. 
Right:  A blot bunny.  Fold paper in half longways and cut out a bunny shape.  Use dot paint on one side of the bunny, then fold the white side on top of the dotted.  The dots should transfer to the white one.  As you can see, ours did not.  But she loves to use those dot paints, anyway!

*Several days later, Bryan brought a baby bunny up to the house for Shayla to see and touch.  Isn't it cute!


Handwriting:  1 Peter 5:9

Reading:  Shayla read I Am a Ballerina to dad.  This is the 5th book out of 10 for her HE Buddy t-shirt. 

Art:  We attempted to make Sawdust Bugs.  The idea came from The Little Hands Big Fun Craft Book. 
They didn't turn out like we expected.  Maybe it was because I improvised supplies.  The recipe called for sawdust (we used pencil shavings out of the sharpener) and wall paper paste (I made my own using a paper mache recipe 4 pts flour to 1 part water).

On the positive, I think using the pencil shavings made it colorful.  There were specks of blue, red, yellow, and green from different colored pencils.

Scouts at Home:  Shayla earned her Plants Try-It

We also worked on 1 math lesson and President's challenge.


Last day of Wee Discover Program.  In addition to the program, there was a picnic and playtime on the playground before the session.


Tying up loose ends day! 

Handwriting:  Wrote thank you notes to friends and family.

Reading:  Finished reading books for HE Buddies t-shirt

Handwriting:  Finished Badge 6!  Hooray!  I don't think we'll start badge 7 yet, just review badges 1 - 6.

Science:  Tadpoles.  Shayla read From Tadpoles to Frogs, then we went outside and looked at our own tadpoles.  Dad discovered them in a hole outside.  How fun to have a real science lesson!

Social Studies:  Worked on the Wave the Flag Brownies Try-it in time for Memorial Day.

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