Monday, June 7, 2010

Can you Feed Your Family for $25 Per Person a Week

All You is at it again this year.  They are hosting a contest to see if you can feed your family for $25 per person a week.  The winner will receive $1000 grocery card.  Who couldn't use that!

Do I honestly think I have a shot at this?  Personally, I don't know if I will be successful at this or not.   So many of our allergy foods are so expensive.  On the positive side,
  • we do have a large stockpile of food that I bought at bargain prices to be used
  •  we do cook from scratch
  • we will be getting lots of fresh produce from the garden soon.  (This is what probably kills my food budget.  We love raw, fresh fruits and veggies - not frozen or canned.)
  • It is summer, we don't tend to sit around and eat as much - too hot.  And we're too busy!
  • Morgan spends alot of summer vacation with family.  A teenager eats way more than the rest of us.  Also, we will not have to feed her friends and boyfriend while she is not here!

I am going to attempt this challenge.  Thankfully, it is in the summer when schoolwork is not as structured.  I plan on getting the whole family in on this challenge.

It's a win-win situation.  Even if I am not successful at feeding my family for $25 per person, I will be paying more attention to my menus and budget.  It's bound to bring our food budget down for at least a month.

Are you entering the challenge?  What's your strategy?

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