Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Plants Brownie Try-It

This is the 28th badge for Shayla!

We quickly skimmed through this badge because after all, our girl is a Junior Naturalist. Nature and Gardening are in her blood.  Plants was the topic at Shayla's last Cloverbuds meeting and later today she will help work in our family's vegetable garden.Here's the marigold she planted at the last Cloverbuds meeting. 
Too bad mom didn't know she put it outside.  As you can see, it hasn't been watered for a few days.

We read these books to go along with the badge.

Seed Sprout.  We are waiting for our apple seeds to sprout.  Each day we wet the paper towel, watch, and wait. 

I must say I am getting a little impatient and am beginning to think they will never sprout.

Supermarket Plant Hunt.  Many plants we eat as food.  Shayla understands this since we garden each year. 

We have also went to the produce section of Krogers before and discussed the different and unusual fruits and vegetables there.  No need to bring them home, because I'm sure she would refuse to eat them just like many domestic varieties. 

Adopt a Tree.  Shayla planted several trees with her dad this past spring.  This is Samson her favorite tree.  Why did she name him Samson, because someday he will grow into a mighty tree. 

Leaf Hunt.   There are no leaves on the ground to do this activity, but we have identified trees by their leaves in the past.  Dad has taught Shayla how to identify many trees by their leaves and bark.

Food Chains.    Several weeks ago the topic at Wee Discover was food chains.  At that time, they made a cool craft that showed a food chain. 

We did verbally go over food chains and came up with this one:

corn - ladybug - bird - raccoon

Simple Plants - Growing Mold.  No, don't be silly!  Not in my refrigerator!  I just cleaned it out. 
The reason Shayla's marigold from Cloverbuds is outside is because the soil started to mold, we have already discussed that mold is part of the decomposition process.  No need to grow a fungus in my house!


Tonya @ Live the Adventure said...

Woohoo for Shayla! How exciting to be receiving her 28th badge! That is certainly quite the accomplishment and it looks like she had fun earning it!:) How are things going for you? Blessings, Tonya

Ann Flower said...

Nice blog. Being a great lover of garden art, I enjoyed going through your blog. Keep on posting.

Calina said...

Sorry I haven't gotten back with you right away. We're officially done with school, but are unofficially continuing into the summer. You know how that goes!

Shayla likes to have the reward system. Earning badges for something she needs to do anyway.

Everything seems to be a blur for us. I hope it slows down at some point! Summer is actually busier for us than the regular homeschool year.

Are you still on the road?

Calina said...


Thanks for the encouraging words.

Unfortunately, I don't seem to find much time to post about my gardening, bargain shopping, homeschooling or anything for that matter. LOL! So many interests, so little time!