Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Wave the Flag - Patriotism Brownie Try It

In honor of Memorial Day and upcoming Flag Day, and Independence Day, I thought it would be a good time to learn some patriotism.

While doing this badge, I realized that we have not done enough history and patriotism studies in our homeschool.  I think it's more important to learn these things now than ever.  I hope we can read through the Abeka history curriculum, Homeschool Ponies, and do the activities of Little Hands Celebrate America.

I have an ancient Brownie badge requirement book, so I looked up the badge requirements online.  Here's what I found.

We read about Memorial Day and American landmarks in the Childcraft encyclopedia.

Next, we read these books. 

Flag Facts.  We learned some interesting facts about all the flags the United States has used. 

  • Who made the first flag?  I think most could answer that question.  Betsy Ross.
  • What  the Stars and Stripes stand for?  I must admit I had forgotten this since homeschooling Morgan.  We never learned it in the public school I attended. 
For those of you who don't know the symbolism behind Old Glory:

  1. Red stands for the courage and strength of those that fought and died for America.
  2. White stands for purity.  Our country is not perfect, but we love our country.
  3. Blue stands for truth.

  • Why have the number of stars changed over the years?  The stars represent the number of states. 
Show It Off.

I hoped to be able to find some printables of the White House, the Capitol Building, the Statue of Liberty, Mt. Rushmore, etc.  I wanted to make a collage.  Unfortunately, I was unable to find these.  Anyone have any suggestions?

We did find a US flag printable here. And a US map outline here.

Check It Out. 

We discussed the monument in our town.  There is no picture because, let's just say, it's not easily accessible. 

Our town received this monument for selling the most warbonds in WWII.

We also checked out the new monuments in front of our county courthouse. 


Since it was Memorial Day weekend, we put pulled weeds and put flowers on loved ones graves.

I think this was a lesson on many levels.  Christian values, character, history, etc. 

My adopted parents did this annually for a few years when I was younger.  I am embarrassed to say that I remember dreading this holiday!  The cemetary was so far away, I had never met the family members, they died before I was even born.   

My folks never explained why we did this and eventually they discontinued this tradition (probably partly because of my loud protests).  Even though I am unable to tell them anymore, thank you for this tradition.
It is something that we have explained to our daughters and they don't seem to mind doing. 

Since Morgan is in the high school marching band, we were blessed to be able to attend another one of the many events.  The band plays an annual show at several local cemetaries to honor veterans.  They played many patriotic tunes.  A big thank you to Mr. K for teaching these to our kids!  There are not only songs performed by our band, but speakers, veterans, and a 21 gun salute. 

Through the Years.  No one important has come from our small community yet.   We did look online and learned how our area became a community. 

We visited our area Memorial Park donated to Veterans of all wars fought.


This is the monument on our town square was earned by selling the most war bonds during WWII.  The monument was recently renovated because the base of it has been hit many times by semi trucks trying to turn.  It has caused much controversy in our small community, because our area is very hard hit with the economic downturn.  Many believe the money should have been spent on projects benefiting the community better, or at least moving the monument (possibly to Memorial Park). 

Sorry for the bad photo, it was taken by me from inside my car, while at the stop light. 

Do Good.  We try to live our lives by doing good everyday.  We help out where we see a need, whether it be at the state park, neighbors, or elderly grandparents. 

The main good deed Shayla did this weekend was helping out grandma by taking care of her lawn. 

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