Thursday, May 27, 2010

Another Life Phase

I was feeling old enough when my baby turned 9 years old.  And my husband and kids have had much fun lately cracking jokes about all the gray hairs I am getting.  (I kid you not, it's like they've just come out overnight!)

Then I start feeling old again when I realize that Shayla just finished 2nd grade.  And Morgan will be finishing 10th.  That's only two more years that I possibly have with her home. 

Around the end of summer, I always feel old again with Cassandra's birthday (she'll soon be 23).  The girls going back to a higher grade of school, oh, and my birthday.  All within a matter of days. 

Cassandra recently told me the good news that she is expecting.  I'm going to be a grandma!  Wow!  That sounds funny!

Ok, I can handle this!  This is great news!  Now to come up with a hip name for grandma, because after all, I'm not so old, right?

Grandma?  No.  That's my mom and MIL's names.  Granny?  No.  Makes me think of Beverly Hillbillies.  Nanna?  No.  Makes me think of a babysitter.  MaMa.  No.  Just don't like it. 

When discussing this with some friends, Linda came up with the perfect "hip" grandma name:


I hurried to tell my daughter of this name, because I wanted to claim it before one of the other parents/grandparents did.  Between the both of them they have a large family. 

Cassandra said, "Ok, mom, we'll save that name for you." 

Michael said, "Sounds weird."  (Michael thinks everything we do is weird, so it must be a good fit.)

Now that that announcement has been made, I think I'll go back to counting my new gray hairs.  LOL!


Karen@Candid Diversions said...

Congratulations! My girls call their grandmas Gram and Mem. Picking grandparent names can be fun! :)

Calina said...

I guess I can plan all I want. I'm sure when that little sweetie arrives, it'll probably come up with a name for me. LOL!