Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Common Food Allergen List

I'm sure most everyone knows someone with a food allergy.  Family Education has a list to help you decipher whether or not a certain ingredient is in a food.  It is not by far a real comprehensive list, but it will get you started on learning how to decipher food labels.

This is just part of the list.  Go here to see the whole list.


Casein Hydrolysate

Sodium caseinate

Dried milk solids

Lactate solids



Milk solid pastes

Sweetened condensed milk

Whey or whey solids

There is also information on the correct way to introduce foods to a baby to check for food allergy in infants. It is not wise to feed combination foods and you should only feed one new thing once every four days.   I only learned this with my third child.
Have you found any other helpful sites on food allergies?  Please share.

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