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Homeschool Highlights - Weeks of April 25 & May 2, 2010

Days 158 - 169
We have not had our typical homeschool days lately.  Instead we have been enjoying life while still learning. 
Blueberries for Sal by Robert McCloskey

  • What went "kuplink, kuplank, kuplunk?"
  • List foods you can pick besides blueberries.
  • How was Sal's mother going to use the berries?  If you went blueberry picking, how would you use them?
  • Tell how Little Bear and Little Sal got mixed up.
  • How was Little Bear like Little Sal?
  • What would have been different if Mama Bear hadn't been afraid of
  • Sal?

We spent one day at our local Christian school observing classes.  Yes, we have decided to try something different next year!  Shayla will still be homeschooled, but will be enrolled in the Independent Studies program.  She will get to do "specials" classes at the school (ie gym, music, library, and art). 

Both my husband and I were very impressed by both the school and the children.  They were very reserved and well behaved.  Much like our own child's behavior. 

(social skills, music, art, reading, phys ed)

We started Badge 6 in handwriting - Ephesians 6 the Fruit of the Spirit.  We made this shield out of a paper plate.  (handwriting, art)

The lesson at Outdoor School this week was about seeds.  The kids were given a container full of various seeds and other things.  They had to sort and glue the seeds into the correct category. (social skills, science, fine motor, art)

Dancing.  While at the school, a mother came up to me and invited Shayla to attend a dance class led by her daughter.  I thought, why not.  Shayla and I both liked the other girls. 

We observed both ballet and clogging styles of dance.  Clogging was not right for her because it was too loud.  She covered her ears the whole time.  Something that she rarely does anymore.  She did like ballet!  So much so that she asked us to buy her outfits like the other girls! 

Although we decided that she will have private lessons, mostly because the other girls have been doing this since January.  But she will still see and be able to interact with the girls. 

On Saturday, we got a surprise that we have been waiting for.  It was the rewards from the Star Family.  Her prizes from writing out badge 5 had arrived. 

She earned Badge 5, a certificate and memory verse cards. 


After a long break, we finally made an appearance at children's church (per Shayla's request!)  She handled it well.  She sat with other girls appropriately.  She did cover her ears during songtime, and did not choose to sing or dance, but she did so without me nearby.  Yes, I was suffering in the back of the room with allergies or some mysterious virus.  UGH! 

I think we were meant to join in today.  The children's message featured a 321 Penguins movie about Complaining.  Yes, we seem to do too much of that in our house.  Surprise, Shocker, even me!  LOL!

She did do her color page appropriately.  Yay!  She does not like to use other people's supplies (such as crayons) because they could be contaminated with germs.  Although we encourage her to be cautious because ANY sickness is a major thing in our house, we told her she can just avoid putting her hands in her eyes, nose and mouth, then wash, wipe, or use hand sanitizer, as soon as possible.  It must work, PTL she has not had a cold in two years!

The game was fun, although we did not participate.  The children were each taken into the hallway, one at a time and given a piece of chewing gum.  Then they went around blowing on each other so people could guess what kind of gum they had (mint, bubble gum, or fruit flavored).  First of all, it's a good way to catch a cold.  Secondly, the game was not appropriate for someone with Sensory Processing Disorder.  Shayla has very accute smelling.  She typically tells her father and I, (or anyone else that gets in "her space") that they have "butt-breath."  LOL!  Yes, I'm going to need to work on that "inappropriate behavior."  I've not really worked on that one because I also have that hyperaccute smelling thing going on, and yeah, well, if you don't have it, let's just say, it's not always a blessing.

Reading:  We are cleaning out a bookshelf.  I pick out a random pile of books and read them aloud.  If she doesn't really show an interest, they are going into the library donation pile.  She has found alot of old favorites lately though. 
Bible Craft/Art:  We talked about what the Bible describes heaven as looking like (ie the streets being paved with gold).  Then she made this cool craft.


Reading/Phonics:  Shayla took test 2 and again scored a 100% - with no special accomodations!  She will finish up the first book (Fun With Pets) of the Abeka reading program next week.  This time around she actually enjoys the stories, oftentimes reading them to Dad afterschool! 

So if something doesn't seem to be working at the moment, don't give up hope and feel that you have wasted your time and money.  Put it up and try it again later.  Maybe your child just is not ready to master that skill yet.

Spelling:  I introduced the spelling list for week 1.  The words were simple three letter, short vowel sound words.  Shayla verbally spelled all the words, so I guess that's it for spelling this week!  :)

Art:  We made these by coloring a coffee filter with markers.  Spray with water.  Then let it dry in the sun.  The colors mix and swirl together from the water.

We also made a Cling Wrap Painting aka, Mess-Less Fingerpainting!

Put dots of paint on a paper plate. 
Tear off a piece of cling wrap to cover the plate. 

Swirl and mix the colors together. 

It's the fun of fingerpainting without the mess!
Art/Reading/Science:  We read The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle and made a butterfly out of a paperplate.
It started out as an orange butterfly with brown spots, but somehow it turned all brown. 

Earth Day!  Although Earth Day is officially in April, our area 2nd graders celebrated it this week with a day at the park.  Everyone who participated went around from station to station learning about different topics such as:  a scavenger hunt, Titanic activity, Native Americans, Domestic Animals, Early Americana, and many other interesting and hands-on topics. 

Art:  I squeezed drops of paint onto a piece of cardboard.  Shayla used a bath poof as a paint brush.
The finished project!

We enjoyed the nice weather by practicing some skills outside. 
In this game, she tried to drop clothespins into a juice jug.  The catch is you can't bend down, you have to stand straight.  Shayla had a hard time with this until she finally listened to instructions, then she found it to be an easy and fun activity.

Back to the park for Outdoor School.  This week the theme was:  Bees.  We were so interested, that we are thinking of becoming beekeepers for a 4-H project or something.  Anyone have any tips?
The kids also made a special gift for their mothers.

The school kids are working on earning the Presidential Fitness Award.  I looked online for more information after learning that they work on this award every year.  I figured we better start working on it now if Shayla were ever to be able to do pushups, pull-ups, sit-ups and run a mile.  

There are many activities you can do to earn a Presidential Award.  Shayla is motivated by rewards and recognition, so we are working on this by the "occupational therapy" things I do at home with her. 

We have had two wonky weeks.  How have yours been? 

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