Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sweet 16

Morgan turned sweet 16 in January.  I am so proud of the young lady she has become.  She is very mature beyond her years.  Occasionally, she does get hormonal, but for the most part she has always been the perfect child.  (My mom calls this the Typical Middle Child Syndrome.)

Here she is modeling her birthday gift.  A varsity jacket.  I can hardly believe she's this grown up!  Just two more short years and my middle child will be an adult!

Isn't she a cutie!

Sorry, Morgan, there are no car keys in the pockets!

The back is kind of, well, empty right now.  This spring she will be presented with her first varsity letter. 

Morgan is used to her birthday celebration not being a big deal in our house.  Her birthday falls immediately following Christmas.  In fact, the decorations are usually not put away, yet! 

I learned early on to buy her birthday gifts at the same time as Christmas gifts because many stores sell out of items and don't restock before her birthday.  This year was no exception.  Despite the fact that I placed the order for this jacket weeks in advance, it was still not ready for several days past her birthday. 

Bad mom award, again!

You would think that after 16 years of practice, I would have it together, but does anyone have any pointers for planning birthdays around Christmas time?   

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