Sunday, March 21, 2010

Shopping is a Gas!!!

I really did not know what to call this post.  I hope no one gets offended at our family's humor, (or bad manners) but it's just one of those quirky things. . .

Our family has always found humor in gas.  You know, of the bodily function type.

One of the most prized stocking stuffers I bought for all my kids this year, (yes, even the grown ones)
was an electronic fart sound gadget. 

Since then, we have worn out two of these lovely gadgets. And Cassandra and her husband Michael put their keys on theirs and put it into her purse.  It, um, went off often, in public.

With that being said. . .

My husband and girls are very tolerant of my frequent coupon shopping at multiple stores.  In fact, sometimes they are big helps.  Occasionally, however, when we go into big stores, you know the ones, with grocery stores and toy departments.  Hubby and girls ditch the coupon shopping and head for the electronics and toys. 

Recently I was looking for a gallon of paint and I heard a sound from several aisles away.  It was one of those sounds every mother dreads hearing.  When I heard the sound, I knew it was my brood at work. 

My husband had found a self inflating whoopie cushion.  He was secretly making, um, the sounds that whoopie cushions make.  And he used Shayla as a disguise.  Shameless, isn't it!  You see, Shayla likes to "ride the cart" in the front.  He puts the whoopie cushion in the open, but empty child seat, covering it with his hand.  Then they go around a group of people and let one go.  All over the store!  The funny thing is that they keep moving, not slowing down to see the response.  Both of them have an uncanny ability to keep a straight face through the whole ordeal.  Me, I start off with a nervous laugh, then it turns into an uncontrollable laughter.  You know the kind, tears running down the cheeks, gasping for air, but gasping too hard for air, and it turns into a snort.

This is especially popular with teenage kids.  My husband had several teenaged girls chasing us around the store, laughing and pointing.  Later, their boyfriends also joined them in the chase. 

Guess you kind of have to be there.  Maybe someday I'll capture one of their escapades on video.

In the meantime, I think I'll forego the help I get by taking them with me and shop alone!

Have you seen or done anything funny lately?  If so, please share, we all need a laugh!

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