Friday, March 19, 2010

Homeschool Highlights - Week of March 14, 2010

Days 127 - 131

Reading:  Now I'm Reading Series 4 - Book 6 - The Big Winner.  She really likes this book because the main character, Fern, is a giraffe.  Her favorite animal. 

Book 7 - Kurt Surfs. 

Handwriting:  Signing, memorizing and writing Badge 5.  Finished up and mailed it off Friday!  This was a particuarly hard badge for her to memorize.  The sign language really helped!

Phys Ed:  Back to outside time!  Shayla has been enjoying the weather by nature walks, jumping on the trampoline, swinging, and riding her bike.  We even took two trips to the playground this week.

*This week we are working on review and tying up loose ends.  We have started many projects and are taking the time this week to finish some of them.

Reading, language, art:  Read Swimmy by Leo Lionni.  We discussed fish and how they worked together to be safe in the story.  Then we looked at the illustrations in the story and Shayla tried to create her own picture using tempera paint and sponges. 

Science:  Browsed through Eco-Fun by David Suzuki.  There were many fun looking activities, so I hope to include one a day or several a week.

Shayla chose to do the Animal Yoga activity today.  We moved our bodies like animals.  *Note to self:  I am too old to do the rising cobra and especially the kneeling camel.

Spent more time observing seashells.

Computer Skills:  Last week we worked on a mini-unit on pets.  Today we started an epets account on the computer.  She is thrilled to play this! 

Speaking of pets, Sunday evening we watched The Shaggy D.A. for a family movie.  The girls loved this old movie.  So much so, that Shayla's new favorite shirt is her sheepdog sweater!
Kings Kids program.

In the evening, she spent her free time playing several educational computer games. 


Math:  Played penny store.  Last time Shayla bought plastic bugs to go with our bug theme.  This time we are talking about pets, so she "bought" her little plastic and stuffed pets.  It definately makes learning fun!

Number line.  I used plastic lids to put numbers on.  Then spread them out on the floor. We discussed before and after concept. Shayla jumps forward and backward to basic addition and subtraction problems. 

Ordinal numbers.  We practiced ordinal numbers using the little pets again.

Patterning.  Bet you thought we used the little critters again.  Wrong!  This time we used some plastic shapes.  Shayla completed the pattern.  To make it a little more challenging, not only did she have to have the right color and shape, it had to be the right size and turned the correct way.  

Social Studies:  Finished learning about reducing, reusing, and recycling.  We also discussed biodegradable things.

Reading/phonics activities: 

  • Used shaving cream to practice making letter shapes.
  • Cut out a simple umbrella shape for letter sound u and for weather studies.
  • Shayla made an unhappy face when I said a letter u sound word
Science:  Learned about bubbles. 
  • Made our own bubble solution.  Tried it first without the corn syrup, but added it to make better bubbles.
  • We used various objects to make bubbles.  Square wands, clothes hangers, etc.  Learned that bubbles can only be round
  • Learned that hand speed moving the wand and strength of blowing effects the size and amount of bubbles. 

Math:  Review Shapes.
  • Read Veggie Tales:  Pa Grape's Shapes by Phil Vischer. 
  • Shayla practiced drawing shapes on the whiteboard.  Then she was allowed to make silly pictures using all the shapes together. 
  • Cut out various construction paper shapes and glued them onto paper. She wrote each shape's name beneath. 

We learned about several countries of the world.  These covered language, geography, social studies, and gross/fine motor skills.

  • Located Italy on the globe.   
  • Read a book about Italy and it's festivals. 
  • We discussed the carnival mask that we made during last year's summer reading. 
  • Listened to an Italian music CD.
*An alternative activity would have been to make a homemade pizza, but we can't because of our food allergies.

  •  Located Japan on the globe.  Discussed what borders it.  Used directional words.
  • Read a book about Japan and it's festivals. 
  • We played a fun game using chopsticks.  Shayla used chopsticks to get plastic jewels out of uncooked rice.
  • Listened to a Japanese music CD.
We also read about Jamaica, Kenya, and Mexico.  We did not do any activities to go with these books, because we are all suffering from a bit of spring fever. 


Just the daily basics.  The weather was just too nice and the attention span of Shayla and her teacher was just too short!

This ends the first curriculum that we tried and quit, but then went back to.  Next week we will start mini-literature based unit studies for a while for a change of pace and fun! 

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