Sunday, February 28, 2010

W is for Woman at the Well

Memory verse:  "but whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst."  John 4:14

Reading:  Read John 4:1-42.  It is the story of Jesus meeting the woman at the well.  Jesus was not supposed to talk to her because he was a Jew and she was a Samaritan.

W is for Water Play.  This really grabbed Shayla's attention.  So much so, that we did most of these school activities on Sunday!
First she practiced pouring and measuring with plastic measuring cups and spoons.  We discussed more and less and estimating. (math, fine motor)

Next, we had a relay race together.  We were moving as much water as possible by a sponge.  It was fun, but better to play this outside.  LOL! (phys ed)

She used a turkey baster to transfer water from the tub to the bowl.  We have tried this activity in the past, but she definately enjoyed it more this time.  You could also try an eyedropper.  (fine motor)

We read Floating and Sinking.  Then we found household items and guessed and experimented to see if they sank or floated.

W is for White.  In decluttering our home, we came across a pile of old magazines to recycle.  But, first, Shayla found pictures of things that were white in color and created a white collage.

W is for Window.  We have a tradition in our house of decorating for every season.  So, today we cleaned the windows and put clings on in celebration of Valentine's day. 

W is for Wiggles.  Shayla was delighted to be able to bring out an old Wiggles DVD.  And Mom sat down and watched it with her.  Wait, did I say sat down?  I mean to say we sang and danced the songs together.  AND, it was part of her schoolwork!  (music & movement)

W is for World.  We sang and signed Jesus Loves the Little Children (music) 

We also completed this Melissa & Doug puzzle she got for Christmas.

W is for Week - Wacky Wednesday.  We sang along to Dr. Jean's Days of the Week and Today is Monday songs and then read Dr. Seuss' Wacky Wednesday.  (music & movement, reading, language, attention to detail)

W is for Wife.  We read Proverbs 31 and discussed.  She is increasingly wanting to know the meaning of every word she hears.  These verses were rich with vocabulary.  (language)

W is for Wee Willie Winkie.  Remember this old nursery rhyme?  Shayla wrote it out and drew an illustration to go with the nursery rhyme.  (handwriting, language, art)

W is for Weather.  We read these cool books about weather and wind.  We are tracking our weather over the next few weeks by placing weather stickers on a calendar page.  *If spring doesn't arrive soon, I think we will run out of snowy stickers.  LOL!

W is for Words.  We talked about the importance of watching your words.  Words can hurt or heal.  We sang Sticks and Stones. 

Then she practiced reading w words.  I made a water shape for each w topic we have done and she pulled them out and read the words.

W is for Willoughby Wallaby Woo.  We sang along to Raffi's song. 

W is for Worries.  In our house, this is always a big issue.  Anxiety is not fun to deal with, but we try to deal with it in a kid-friendly way.  We read these books and talked about feelings. 

W is for Wishes.  We watched Barney Three Wishes.  And talked about what she would wish for if she could have any wish.

W is for Whales.    Kidzone has a quick science lesson on what makes a mammal  including whales.  DLTK has lots of printable coloring pages and art projects.

Shayla read easy reader, Dale the Whale.  She loves the name of this book because her Dad's name just happens to be, Dale. 

I love A Whale of a Tale.  These are part of the Cat-in-the-Hat Learning Library.  They teach science themes in Dr. Seuss' rhyme method.

We had a great time playing "What's in the Big Fish?"  It's a charade like game based on Bible objects and characters.

For family movie time, we watched Free Willy.

W is for Wildlife.  We went outside and checked for signs of wildlife.  We seen tracks in the snow from a deer and wild turkey.  We also heard many bird songs.

W is for Wii.  Shayla loves playing the Wii.  Especially the game Cooking Mama.  So we had educational, fun playing Wii - yes, during school hours!  It's good physical education and thinking skills. 

I would love to replace some of my old JumpStart games with the newer Wii versions.  Has anyone had any experience with these?

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