Sunday, January 24, 2010

V is for Queen Vashti

*For those that don't remember who Queen Vashti was in the Bible, (myself included).  She was replaced by Queen Esther.

Memory verse:  "Also let the king give her royal position to someone else who is better than she."  Esther 1:19

Reading:  Read Esther 1-2.  We watched the Veggie Tale movie, Esther.  And we read these veggie books.
Hey, Veggie Tales begins with Vv. 

V is for Vaccuuming.  Shayla helped with the daily vaccuuming.  She enjoyed it, but I don't think the furniture did.  We'll try this again in six months.  LOL!
V is for Vase.  We rolled a piece of construction paper from one top corner to the opposite bottom corner to make a cone shape. Tape to hold. 

We used dot paints to make simple flower shapes and cut out around them.  I stapled the flowers onto plastic straws for stems. 

What a nice, colorful reminder that spring is coming!
(art, fine motor skills)

V is for Vegetables.
We read Vegetable Soup. (reading)
We were not able to complete this activity how I had planned.  I had planned on Shayla using grocery ads to cut out pictures of  fresh vegetables and labeling them.  Wrong! 

She informed me that there were no veggies in the Kroger ad this week.  Well, there was lettuce and frozen bags of veggies, but that was not the interesting collage that I had in mind.

Plan B:  I found a workbook and she colored, cut and glued the veggies to this giant broccoli.
(math - counting, language - labeling, art, fine motor, health)

V is for Vacation. 
What's that?  Seriously.  We read The Bears Vacation and discussed places we have visited in the past and places we might like to visit for vacation.

V is for Vinegar. 
Read Mark 15:36.  Discuss Jesus being given vinegar from a sponge while He was dying on the cross. 

We smelled both white vinegar and apple cider vinegar and  talked about how they were made.  Then we mixed oil and vinegar together and discussed how the oil won't mix with the vinegar.  (science)

V is for Videos.
We discussed what a "good" video is.  A good video is something that you would not feel bad about Jesus watching with you.  What are your favorite videos?    Shayla said her favorites are Barney, Blues Clues, and Signing Time. 

Shayla picked one video of her choice (a Signing Time) and we watched it together as a family during school time.

V is for Volcanoes.
First the boring stuff, we read several books about volcanoes and earthquakes from the library.  (Even though they were juvenile books, I'm afraid this will start a new fear.  UGH!)

She also played The Magic School Bus Inside the Earth computer game. 

Then comes the fun!  We made our own volcano by molding modeling clay around a small glass jar.  Put some baking soda in, then add vinegar to make a bubbly mess!  (science)

*Make sure to do this in a plastic tote or something - to keep the mess to a minimum.

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