Sunday, January 24, 2010

Homeschool Highlights - Week of January 19, 2010

Days 89 - 92

I plan to get nothing done this week.  I hope to be pleasantly surprised.  Hey, when you aim low, it can only get better right? 

Morgan is home Monday for Martin Luther King Day, Tuesday was a snow day, and Thursday and Friday she gets home early because her school is on the exam schedule.  UGH!  That means chaos for us!

Monday:  No School - Morgan's home making too many distractions.  We did briefly speak about Martin Luther King (social studies)


*After a two hour delay because of freezing fog, our public school closed for the day.  HUH?  Morgan is home again, but we're doing school anyway.  We'll just do what we can. 

Reading:  Book 6 - Series 3 Ty in the Sky. 

We also finished reading all of the books in the Kit American Girl series.  I wanted to reward her by playing an American Girl game I just happened to see in Morgan's room the other day, but it was a Party Game.  You have to have ten players.  UGH!

I have to say I think I learned as much as Shayla did about the Depression.  The scary thing was in the Peek into the Past section in the back of the book.  It talked about how the Depression was over in 1935, but in 1937 America started into a recession again.  The only thing that pulled us out at that time was World War 2. 

All over the news they are reporting that the recession (which is with a capital D in these parts) is over, yet unemployment is at it's highest.  It makes you wonder if we are headed for worse times yet since history tends to repeat itself?

Also, something I found interesting was how the government formed organizations and jobs.  Stores and companies would put the NRA symbol in their window to show they sold American made goods and participated in fair working hours and wages for employees.  (At that time the NRA stood for the National Recovery Administration).  It would be nice if businesses would advertise with truthful tags products that are manufactured right here in the US. 

We took a look at our Menard's ad.  This week is their Made in the USA sale.  The products in the ad are all made in the USA and they have the town and state listed by each product. (social studies, geography)

We have also been reading some of the picture books in her bedroom.  She reads some and I read others aloud, or we take turns reading.  Afterwards, few books are remaining on the bookcase, but most are going into a bag to our library for the sale.  I know it's like trying to eat an elephant one bite at a time, but at least I'm making an effort!

Today's book was Bambi.  We talked about deer and hunting, both of which are familiar words in our home.  We talked about how four years ago, Grandpa saved a baby deer from being eaten by our large dog.  She had wounded it's leg.  Grandpa heard the baby deer crying and called our dog from the deer.  He thought Shayla was outside and was hurt because baby deer make a crying sound similar to a human baby crying sound.  Then we solved this deer puzzle.  Here are some deer color pages, too.  (reading, science)

Phys Ed:  It is a solid sheet of slippery ice outside.  We made our way to the trampoline. It looked safe enough, after all, most of the snow and ice was gone, there was just a little snow on it, so we held onto the net and jumped anyway.  Dumb move!  Stupid!  I landed wrong and now my back is out of whack again.  UGH!

Reading, paper packet, Worked on letter v.

Reading:  Finished Ty in the Sky.  Played on Starfall.  She learned about famous artist, Marc Chagall and was rewarded by playing her choice of games on the site. 

Worked on Letter V.

Paper packet and letter v work.  Morgan was released at 11:15 today, so we completed letter Vv with some weekend schooling.  Hey, it's ok, we both enjoy it!  Check out all the hands-on fun we had! 

Well, I guess we got more done than I had hoped.  So how did your week go?  To read about other homeschoolers visit Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers.

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Wonder Mom said...

I always enjoy the VAST differences in the homeschooling community- I am very impressed by how you handle each child's schooling needs.

Keep on keepin' on, Mamma!