Saturday, January 23, 2010

What are the Youth Thinking These Days?

My husband proudly showed his 20 year-old nephew his new NRA membership card.  We joined the NRA for the first time this year because of concerns of our liberties being taken away.

Bryan, his nephew, is an avid sportsman and hunter.  He's had the hunter in him most of his life.  As a boy, he would set traps and catch squirrels, 'coons, and yes, an occasional cat.  He would take our now 15 year-old dog out to the wood and just wait for her to chase something - even something as small as a mouse or snake would have this boy moving wood piles.  He was on a mission!  

Somethings will never change.  Although Duchess (our dog), is too old to do much hunting now, Bryan still loves the outdoors and to hunt.  He has gotten three deer this season. 

Back to my story, with this background in the Great Outdoors, as well as being a frequent shopper of the local hunting/fishing store, Bryan, looks at the NRA card and says,

"Is that to get cheap coffee or what?"

He was confusing the card with a Golden Buckeye card!  You know the card that senior citizens use to get discounts on food and services.  The look on Dale's face when Bryan asked this?  PRICELESS! 

After we all had a good laugh, my husband and I were saddened because this young man seriously did not know what the NRA is.   Much less anything about amendments and rights.   Needless to say, Aunt Calina put on her teacher's hat late in the day to give a brief lesson in history, but it's scary to think how many other young people are out there like that.

Does anyone know of some good, quick sites that that I might use to teach him.  He is very ADHD and his learning style is definately hands-on.  Although he does like most You Tubes?

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Anonymous said...

Mom I'm 22 and I didn't know what the NRA was....although the buckeye card is hilarious!!! Lol