Wednesday, November 18, 2009

S is for Samson Bible Lesson

Memory verses:  If my head were shaved, my strength would leave me, and I would become as weak as any other man.  Judges 16:17

Storynory has an audio of the story of Samson and Delilah. 

DLTK has a whole lesson on Samson and Delilah.

S is for Sing (music):  I couldn't find any songs about Samson.  Instead we focused on letter S.  We sang:
  • Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam
  • Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus
S is for Sponge Painting.  Shayla looks for any reason to paint, so this was a fun treat for her! (art)

S is for Silhouette.  We learned about silhouettes, then made our own.  Attach a piece of black paper to the wall and place a lamp so that it shines on the paper.  Have child sit or stand near the paper so that her profile shows the correct size on the paper.  Parent traces the shape on the black paper with a white crayon or chalk.  Have the child cut out their face and glue it onto a piece of white paper. (art)

S is for Special.   This went with our current science theme, so I tied them all in together. 

We read God Made Our Bodies and God Made You Special.  Then we came up with a list of things that makes Shayla special.  Including abilities and physical characteristics.

Then we took a piece of paper and folded it into four squares.  In each box, Shayla wrote a sentence about herself and illustrated things that make her special.  (art, language, writing, science)

S is for Subtraction.  We recently started subtraction and it is proving to be rather frustrating for both of us.  Today we tried a new approach.  I took a handful of her counters and we subtracted using these.  While doing this, I wrote the problem on the white board. 

Then I made up Bible story problems to solve.  For example:  Adam and Eve had two sons.  One son slew the other, how many sons were left?

She was guessing the correct answers today.  I think it may have finally clicked for her!  Yay!

S is for Senses.  You could study all the senses, but you could focus on the sense of taste.  This will involve some advance preparation.  Blindfold children (if they will allow it).  Give them a sample of sweet foods and sour foods.  (lemons, cookies, grapes, apple slices, candies, limes, pickles, etc).  Have them try to identify each taste while blindfolded. 

After the blindfold is removed count up the number correct/wrong and make a math problem.  Then make a simple bar graph by cutting pictures of the foods out of grocery ads to see how many sweet vs. sour foods there are.  (science, math, fine motor)

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