Monday, August 10, 2009

Outdoor Adventurer Brownie Badgework

*Disclaimer: I hate camping! Truly despise it. I like everything in the outdoors, but not camping, no way, not one of those types.

This was an easy badge to do because we went to our State Park for nature programs several times last week!

Sleep Out

As you can see, we pitched the old tent in the yard and had a camping adventure!

Luckily the skunk that sprayed my nephew and dog didn't visit, but we were visited by some cats.


We visited the camping area at the State Park.

A Hike

We went on several hikes at the nature program last week. My favorite was when we went on a nature scavenger hunt. Some of the things we found on the hunt were:

  • a feather

  • a bird nest

  • an animal on a building

  • an animal under something

  • an animal living near the water

  • a flying insect

  • a hole in a tree

The only thing we were unable to find was a cocoon, but we did watch as a cicada came out of it's shell the day before. Pretty cool!

Pocket Knife

My husband demonstrated a pocket knife and how to open it and use it safely by using it away from your body.

Dress for the Weather Relay
Scouts should be always be prepared for the weather, whatever it may be. I put a variety of clothes for different seasons in a box. I called out a season and Shayla rushed to put on all that season's clothing.
*Note: This was also a great game for self-help skills!
A girl for all seasons!

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