Tuesday, July 28, 2009

O is for Obadiah

Memory verse: 1 Kings 18:12. "I your servant have worshipped the Lord since my youth."

O is for Octopus. We read about the octopus and then played this great toss game. (science & large motor skills)

We also counted the legs and took the time to discuss the prefix "oct" meaning eight as in octopus having eight legs and octagon having eight sides. (math)

Ok, here's a question my 8-yr-old asked. Why is October the 10th month, instead of the 8th? Good question!
O is for Oxygen. We read the book Air Is All Around You by Franklyn M. Branley. I substituted the word oxygen for air. She didn't try to correct me on this. Then we blew a pinwheel and did some experiments with the air and crepe streamers outside. (science)
We also studied that there is oxygen in water by filling a glass with water. After a short time the bubbles that appear in it are oxygen. This allows the fish to breathe. Another experiment was fill a bowl with water. Stuff a paper towel at the bottom of a glass. Put the glass directly upside down in the bowl of water. The paper towel will not get wet. You have to put the glass in the bowl at an angle for the oxygen to get into the cup and allow water in.
O is for Ornaments. Cut various colors of yarn pieces and let sit in a bowl of liquid starch or white glue. Next, blow up a balloon. Cover the balloon with the yarn pieces. After drying pop the balloon, you will have a pretty ornament. (art)
O is for Owls. We read about owls here. And then made several owl crafts. (art) Preschool Express has a whole mini unit on owls.
O is for Obedience. What a great character trait to work on. We needed work on this. We read a book about obedience and discussed what it means to obey. We discussed complete obedience vs. disobedience (or partially obeying) and we reviewed expectations. By including a children's story it makes a good discussion tool and the kids don't seem to be defensive about discussion.

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