Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mother Goose Fun

Shayla is going into 2nd grade, but she still loves Mother Goose rhymes, and particuarly these Barney books:
I can't remember a time when she didn't know nursery rhymes. We said them to her when she was just a baby.
We also spent time watching these nursery rhyme videos:
We had a fun time saying the rhymes and snapping beans. Yes, I'm already teaching multi-tasking. LOL! Actually, I'm not a slave driver, she was doing the movements to the rhymes. I was snapping the beans.
Another good resource for learning nursery rhymes is Dr. Jean's Nursery Rhymes and Good Ol' Times CD. Young children seem to learn best with music - repetition.
Write your own nursery rhyme or copy your favorite and illustrate. (handwriting & language)
There are some nursery rhyme printable pages at DLTK. You could make a cute book with them.
We breezed through this because in the past we did a more in depth look at nursery rhymes. She did an activity and nursery rhyme for each day.
Do you have any more nursery rhyme suggestions or links. Please share.

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