Friday, June 19, 2009

TV Schooling

I know I will probably be innundated with a barrage of hate mail. How could I possibly let my children watch television. I'm such a bad mother to allow my children's brains to rot in front of the tv, so I can be selfish and maybe have a thought to myself. Just one!

If you believe that, then please click off right now!

That said, I believe that TV can be another useful tool in your homeschooling. Sure we use it to watch DK science movies occasionally, but in the past my youngest daughter loved watching Caillou, Barney, and an occasional Blue's Clues or Wiggles show.

One day she invited me to watch with her. Always looking for a reason to actually SIT and drink my morning coffee, I did. What I found was that these shows were a great starting point for learning. And, it was something she was actually interested in, so she paid attention!

The next day I started recording the shows onto a VCR tape. We would watch the show together, then I would plan a lesson about it.

For example: We watched Blue's Clues Colors & Shapes. Next I got online and googled the show name. Nick Jr. and PBS Kids have a treasure trove of printables and games if your kids like the preschool shows on these channels.

For reading: I found every book about colors in our house (or online at the library). Read these.

Science: Color mixing. Use paints or food color.

Math: How many colors can you name?

Other ideas: Play I Spy. Have a color of the day.

Whatever. You get the idea. Make it fun for your kids. If Pokemon is your kids thing, do a Pokemon theme.

I have gotten away from TV theme unit schooling, but hope to do some again this summer. I snagged a bunch of new-to-us videos at a yard sale. Including episodes of Lambchop and Friends, Captain Kangaroo and vintage Barney.

BTW, if you're interested, these will probably be for sale through soon after I use them.
I also hope to post some of the activities we do so you can use them or have a better idea of how you can tv school in your home.

How do you use the TV in your home? If you have done something similar, please share.

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