Thursday, June 18, 2009

Creation Resource Lending Library

Want a cheap, frugal homeschooling resource or great material for a family night?

Many Christians would like to teach their children Creation Science rather than the public school standard evolution. In this economy, there doesn't seem to be any extra money in the budget to buy those extra homeschooling resources.
I would love to include many of the resources of Answers In Genesis, Creation Ministries, and others, but I haven't had the time or money to invest in these resources.
My solution, I came across There are many articles you can read and learn from for free. You can even download some books. There is a kids' section, as well. But the best part is that you can "check" materials out of the Creation Science Lending Library. They will mail you a select number of materials for 2-4 weeks. They only ask that you pay the return postage, and of course, it would be nice to include a donation at least for the postage amount, but they do not require this.
There are many resources to choose from. We really enjoyed a movie about dinosaurs. Although it was a children's movie, I have to say I enjoyed it and learned from it.
For more frugal ideas, visit Life as Mom.


Melissa said...

I hadn't heard of that, thanks!

Sabrena said...

thanks for the link!! It's nice to be able to have another resource! for you too...