Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Swapping Media Materials

Would you love getting books, CD's and DVD's for next to nothing? I sure do! You can join Paperback Swap to swap books, Swap a CD to swap CD's and Swap a DVD to swap DVD's.

How it works is simple, you join the clubs by giving your information and listing 10 items (by the UPC) that you have and no longer want. When you list your items, usually the clubs will credit you with 2 credits. At that point, you can request another material, from another member. You do have to buy swap cash, but it's a minimal fee. You pay nothing for the material. However, when someone requests one of your items for swap, you will be responsible for paying the postage.

If there is a book/material that you want that is not available, (that happens often to me) you can put it on a wish list, when someone else posts it, you get it. It's that simple.

A little known fact is you can buy book credits if you have none. I did an internet search for an out-of-print book I wanted. Paperback swap came back in the search results. It was then that I bought a book credit. I think it was just under $3.50 - for an out-of-print book.

This is a great way to get some of those books for your homeschool.

Do you know of any similar programs? If so, please share.

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