Saturday, June 20, 2009

Summer Fun Activities

So far this summer has been kind of a disappointment. It definately has not went as I planned. We haven't been able to do anything spur of the moment. Morgan has had driver's education for 4 hours a day 3 days a week.

Despite this schedule, we have found the time to continue to attend Crocodile Rock Children's Church.
The snack looked so cute, I took a picture of it!

As you can see, we've had a lot of fun!

Nature Detectives at the local state park. The topic was bugs. Because June is the month of graduations and baby showers, we've only gotten to attend one.

She made the dragonfly at Nature Detectives and the butterfly at Crocodile Dock.

We've also attended two programs at a library:
The Spoon Man. He puts on a fun musical show and shares how his daughter was cured of cancer at St. Jude's Hospital.

This was perfect timing. We were just working on/finishing up our Brownie badges for music, countries and cultures. Donna introduces geography, foreign language, and music instruments from around the world.

*We were debating on whether or not to attend this show since we've been so busy lately. I googled the performer before attending the show. Shayla did better with her behaviors because of the familiarity factor. On the Harpbeat website we were even able to listen to clips of the CD we bought at the show!
*Another thing we've been doing is attending the evening shows when possible. This is because it is not nearly as crowded as the afternoon session. Local daycares usually pack the place in the afternoon - the noise and confusion level is high.

And a few visits to the playground.

What fun things are you spending your time doing with your families?

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