Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sounds of Music Brownie Badgework

Make Your Own

Make your own instrument. We made several shakers. We took empty dish soap bottles and filled one with cheerios and one with uncooked rice.
We also tried making one using paper plates with beans inside. Let's just say, it didn't work too well. In fact, it made a huge mess!
Single String Swing
We made our own strumming instrument. It was easy. Put a hole in the bottom of a can. (We used a cashew can) We made a hole by tapping a nail into the bottom of the can. Take the nail out and put yarn into the hole. Knot, so that the string will not come through the hole. Make the string about three feet long. Tie it to a pencil and wrap around the pencil several times. Hold onto the pencil and put one foot on the can. Strum.
You can make different sounds by tightening/loosening the yarn on the pencil.
Sliding Air
Before you do this experiment, you should look at and learn about a trombone. Then take a plastic water bottle and fill about 3/4 with water. Put a straw in the water bottle and blow across the top of the straw.
You can make different sounds by raising/lowering the straw in the water.
Blowing Air
This experiment was a flop for us. You cut holes in a straw so it is like a flute. Maybe that's why I never played in the band at school. LOL!
Yahoo, a Kazoo
Decorate an empty toilet paper roll with markers. (You don't have to, but it keeps little fingers busy for a few minutes). Punch a hole at one end of the tube. Cover the other end with a square of wax paper (cereal or cracker liner, if you don't have waxed paper). Secure with a rubber band. Hum away!
Strike Up the Band
We gave a performance of all our band instruments - homemade and store-bought. The poor dogs did not ask for an encore.
We also recently attended Morgan's band concert and witnessed her playing the clarinet in preparation for her end-of-the-schoolyear playing test for band.
We really enjoyed this badge! Shayla loves anything to do with crafts and music. When you put them together, what's not to love!
Sounds of Music is the 21st Brownie Try-it that Shayla has earned.

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