Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Book Review: All That She Can Be

I read All That She Can Be: Helping Your Daughter Maintain Her Self-Esteem by Dr. Carol J. Eagle and Carol Colman.
I was hoping there would be some practical information on how to help with therapies at home in maintaining and improving my daughter's self-esteem.
Unfortunately, this book was very basic. It only told the parent what the child may be going through and why their behaviors are what they are. It did not give any helpful information or home therapy ideas. Honestly, I felt it to be long, drawn out and boring.
The only thing that stuck out was the part that told the differences in academics of boys and girls. According to the authors girls are not good at math and science because of semantics in education. Well, I tend to disagree. My daughter loves science. In fact, my middle daughter loved science, too, until she went to public school. It's not that girls don't like these subjects, IMHO, they need to be taught the subjects in a different way. How? Hands-on works for us.
If anyone is interested in obtaining a copy of this book, I did post it at paperback swap.

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Dee Yoder said...

Isn't it disappointing when you get a book and are excited to learn from it, and then discover it isn't at ALL what you'd hoped for? Ah well..maybe the next one will be a great information resource!