Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Making Music Brownie Badge

This is the 20th Brownie try-it, Shayla has earned!

I tied this in with the M is for Moses lesson we were doing. I kind of rushed through this badge, mostly just following the guide because we have done so much with music already! In fact, we had already done all of the badge requirements, but we did them again for fun because Shayla loves music!

Move to the Music
We turned on the music channels on our Dish Net. We flipped through a variety of tunes, from reggae, island beat to big band. From kid tunes to ballet music. We listened to each kind and told how it made us feel, then made up dances to the beat.

Rhythm Instruments
We got out Shayla's big box of toy instruments and made beautiful music. Ok, I don't know if it was beautiful, the dog starting howling - literally! We had a good time anyway! Disclaimer: We don't have any close neighbors (besides Grandma, who is used to our quirkiness). So, if you have neighbors, you might want to close the windows and doors first!

Singing in Rounds
We tried singing Loopty-Loo and Bingo. Shayla just didn't get it. This doesn't surprise me, since they tried this activity at Kings Kids and none of the kids got it.

Action Songs
Ok, aren't all songs action songs? They are in our family. Let me rephrase that, in our home! We sang Bingo and The Brownie Smile Song with hand movements.

Melody Glasses
We have done this activity several times. Put different amounts of water in eight glass jars to make a musical scale. I allow her to put food coloring in for fun. Then play your water xylophone with a spoon.

Instead of this we spent time playing with the new musical bells Shayla got for her birthday.

Music Around the World
We attempted to sing the Brownie Friend Maker Song from Israel. We have been learning new songs, fairytales, and more on our Around the World Badgework (which is a combination of 3 badges).
If you have anymore fun music ideas, please share!

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