Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Homeschooling for 2nd Grade

Homeschoolers are funny creatures. We barely get done with one year and we're already planning and looking forward to the next year - even though we desperately need a break.

I have really gotten off cheap with my homeschooling curriculum. That's because I saved all my curriculum from when I homeschooled my older two girls, years ago.

Here's what I'm planning on using with my daughter (going into 2nd grade):

Abeka math, language, reading and spelling. I already have the teacher's manuals.
That was the easy part. I am going to have to make up the rest of our plans from scratch because I'm just not happy with any pre-packaged curriculums that I've seen. And, I'm trying to do things based upon things we already have and her interests.
I don't have anything in concrete yet, but here's the tentative plans:
Social studies: We're going to use a mixture of Homeschool Ponies, Abeka, Liberty's Kids videos, DLTK's Countries and Cultures section, Brownie Girl Scout Handbook, Postcards From Buster shows
Art: Kinderart, Various Williamson Publishing books, Teacher's Idea Monthly books, DLTK
Music: JumpStart music, I Can Play Piano, Keyboards For Christ, Williamson music book
Foreign Language: We hope to continue ASL and Spanish. Not alot - I'm not superwoman, but little bits, using what we have, Elementary Spanish programs on Dish Network's University House Channel, JumpStart Spanish computer program, Instant Immersion Spanish computer program, and consumable spanish workbooks
ASL resources: Signing time videos, library books, lifeprint website.
Handwriting: We will continue earning badges at The Heart Club.
I think that's about it. I hope to be able to slowly put my lesson plans online for anyone to use if they are interested.
I am concerned that I don't really have enough fun stuff for music and art classtime. Any suggestions?

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