Monday, June 8, 2009

Bedroom Remodel

I started this job over spring break and I am just finishing it up. I'm sorry I don't have some before pictures to share, but I was just too embarrassed.

What a job this turned into! First I had to remove the wallpaper. Not fun! But I did google how to remove wallpaper easily. I added liquid fabric softener to hot water, then saturated the wall with a rag. The wallpaper came off in reasonably large pieces. Obviously the walls required coats of paint, then all the trim boards had to be taken down, painted twice and reinstalled. Around the bottom, we decided to put this new trim.
Not only did I paint the walls, but all of our wooden furniture got a new coat of paint, our built in bookcases, and closet doors.
For finishing touches, I bought a new blind, curtain rod, curtain and bedspread. Believe me, the old ones needed replaced. LOL!
Unfortunately, the junk is slowly coming back in! UGH! Now that this project is completed, I can start spring cleaning and decluttering.

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