Tuesday, June 9, 2009


For the past several years, I have had problems finding clothes that "fit" my daughter. She is not the typical American eight-year-old girl (assuming from most of the clothes designs out there). She has a tall and thin build.

After she graduated from the toddler sizes with the elastic waist bands, she was constantly loosing her britches, or pulling them up, or fidgeting with her pants somehow, someway.

When taking my middle daughter, Morgan to the mall for school clothes last year, she introduced me to Justice. (Morgan has another untypical body build - she is short in stature and hates her pants to be too long). At 15, she is able to wear clothes from Justice kids clothes, which saves me money from buying her jeans at other mall stores that are waaaay more expensive.

Now, what is Justice? Justice and stores formally known as, LimitedToo are owned by The Limited. Now you're probably wondering if I'm one of those people that take out a second mortgage on my home to buy clothes for my kids. The answer is NO!

Several months ago, I went and made a purchase at Justice. A rather large purchase, since suddenly everything in Shayla's closet was several sizes too small. They lured me in with a 50% off the entire store mailing. I received J bucks for making a purchase. Example: If you purchase $50, you get $25 J Bucks. These are store dollars that you use on your next purchase. You can not use these j bucks right away, they are usually for a month away. You can use them over a three week period.

Patiently waiting and watching for a sale, I finally read about a new 40% off code from Pinching Your Pennies. I used my J bucks on the purchase. I was able to snag over $300 worth of girls clothes for under $75. That included shipping prices and taxes, too. I think the clothes came to just under $50!

Even if you don't find a coupon code, there clothes are not badly priced. The jeans are typically $20-25. Well worth it for clothes to fit my kiddos! Oh, and btw, if you are a small build, like myself, check out Justice's larger sizes. They have clothes sizes that go up to a child's 20. It's about the same as a woman's medium size. I was able to get myself some new tops for pennies. Cheaper than thrift store prices. I'm there!

If you would like to try Justice, or even browse, now's the time. They are having another 40% off coupon code. Since I wrote this Justice made the deal even sweeter, they are giving J bucks with purchases to be used on future purchases! Hooray!

Code: 763 for an extra 40% - Expires 6/22/09

Here's just an example of what you can do (without having j bucks):

Ltd2 Simply Low Boot Justice Peace Hand Tee
Cut Jean
Was $16.50
Was $34.50 Now $5.90
Now $24.99 After code $3.54
After code $14.99

And. . . if you shop this sale, you get a free bag with your purchase!

I don't receive any compensation from Limited, I just blog about things I love or don't.

If you have not signed up to receive Screaming Penny alerts from Pinching Your Pennies, you should so you can be notified of Justice's and many other coupon codes and special sales at many stores.

Justice works for me. To find out what works for everyone else, check out We are THAT family.

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Abbi said...

That is so nice that you found clothes that fit. I also have a daughter that is extra tall and slim, it makes it rather hard at times.