Thursday, June 18, 2009

Financial Check Up & Other Ways of Making a Small Income

As many of you know, since we no longer have any consumer debt, we are working dilligently to pay off our 15 yr fixed rate mortgage.

My husband and I agreed that we would put an extra $100 a month toward principle and any extra money that I could come up with through my little endeavors.

So, last month we were able to apply an additional $130 to the principal. Our balance to go is now $52,663.81.

We would have actually had more to apply to it, but we got a notice that we had a shortage in our escrow account of over $160. This was due to a school levy passing just after we refinanced. So, we paid the shortage and our payment went up an additional $12 a month. UGH!

I'm hoping I can bring our grocery budget under what I budgeted for the next few months and apply any extras there to the mortgage. We have plenty in the pantry and freezer that needs used up.

Awhile back, I shared some of the ways I make a little extra money to apply to the principle of our mortgage payment (currently), but it could be used for a Christmas fund or whatever.

You're not going to get filthy rich or be able to quit your day job, but an extra gift card here and there is nice to have.

My Points - I love My Points. I have received several gift cards from them. They have CVS gift cards, BTW. *Smiles*

How to maximize your points?

  • Click on all the emails you get from them, you will earn 5 points each time you view an offer.
  • When buying online, check and see if the merchant is one of the many listed on My Points. You will get a certain number of points per dollar spent. (Many times I use My Points when purchasing from Justice and ordering my digital prints)
  • You can download the toolbar and get 100 points, keep the toolbar installed for a given amount of time (I believe 6 months)and get points for every so many searches.
  • You get points for printing and redeeming coupons at through My Points.
  • Referring friends - 250 points per referral.

That said, if you join My Points after reading this post, would you please let me refer you so I get some more points?

Swagbucks. I think everybody searches with swagbucks. I was late joining myself, but as of now I have already gotten two reward payouts.

Ways of earning swagbucks:

  • Multiple internet searches.
  • Installing the Swagbucks toolbar.
  • Shopping through Swagbucks
  • Trading in old unused cell phones, video game systems, video games, and iPods. (My daughter had an old cell phone and a broken iPod. The landfills won't take them, so why not get swagbucks for them!)
  • Inviting friends
  • Promoting Swagbucks on your blog

Please remember me! Leave your contact information in the comment section, before you join so I can refer you and get some points, too!

Harris Points. You earn HIPoints for taking surveys. I have received payouts several times. You're definately not going to get rich with this company, but maybe you'll be invited to more surveys than I am.

Synovate or Global Opinion Panels. I have received several checks from this company. Often times the surveys require you to try a new product in your home.

Again, please contact me and I will refer you, so I get some points, too.

Shoppers Hotline. Basically you get points for scanning the barcodes of everything you purchase on equipment that they furnish (including batteries). You can earn additional points for scanning your prescription information. The requirements for joining this used to be a home telephone, but that requirement may have changed.

My girls like to scan things while putting away the groceries.

Please contact me and I will refer you. I love It is part of Ebay, so if you have an Ebay account, you won't need to reregister.

At, you can list books, VHS, DVD's, and CD's. Unlike Ebay, there is no listing fees, you pay a small percentage of the selling price. The listings remain indefinately. You also do not have to photograph everything, simply type in the product UPC and more often than not, a picture and description will come right up.

I currently have over 100 books, videos, and cd's for sale (at very reasonable prices). Contact me if you're interested in seeing a listing.

How do I manage to find the time to package and ship my merchandise for ebay and half? We make it part of our homeschool. It doesn't happen that often anymore, but when it does, we try to see where the item is shipping and find it on a map, then we talk about how far away the location is, whether it is hot or cold there now, etc.

Inbox Dollars. Again, you're not going to get rich! I must say, this is not one of my favorites, but I'll include it because I do have a $27.01 payout coming from them. It has taken me several years to get here.

Ways of earning money:

  • Confirm the emails they send. You are paid 2 cents just for clicking the confirmation.
  • You can shop through Inbox. I did this once and was not credited the $6. I contacted Inbox and they said it was basically up to the retailer to report it to them. I never did get the $6 credited. Maybe it was just this one time, try at your own discretion.
  • You can take surveys - I rarely get chosen. Probably because of the profession my hubby is in.

This company requires that you reach a balance of $30 before you can cash out. I must say I was disappointed when I reached the $30 mark and cashed out. I discovered that they charge a $3 processing and handling fee.

Oh well, it's still easy to click on those ads at 2 cents a piece!

So, am I missing anything? What do you do to make a little extra cash?


Dee Yoder said...

I'm amazed! I did not know so many ways to earn extra dollars were on the web. Thanks for all the info, and if I go to join any of these, I'll definitely contact you first.

Mkcoy said...

Hey great post! Glad to see you are having some success with some sites I'm in the same boat as you! :)
Anyway just to say I noticed your links are not working properly to SwagBucks & InBoxDollars. I love SwagBucks Get codes here
All the best!