Thursday, May 21, 2009

Free or Low Cost Movies

My kids love to beat the heat in the summer by going to the movies. No wait, my kids love to go to the movies anytime!

My youngest daughter, who is so distractable, doesn't normally watch much tv. She watches maybe an hour a day on pbs. She says she doesn't have time, she's too busy. This sounds funny coming from an 8-yr-old. I wonder where she heard that line before. . . Getting her to sit down and watch a movie is almost out of the question, though she does have a few favorites.

For many years our local movie theater offered free children's movies. Most of them were older movies that you could get on DVD, but there is just something about going to the movie theater. Maybe it's the darkness, my kids are not so easily distracted. They pay attention. It could be the snacks. No wait, mine don't eat that stuff. Ok, for me it's the air conditioning.

For almost two solid hours you can sit and enjoy some quite time, not jumping up, and being in air conditioning. You could even sneak a nap! Now, if they would just show the free movies in the afternoon when it's really hot.

Unfortunately our local independent theater has stopped the summer movies, but we will travel to a nearby town for their reduced summer movies.

Here is the Cinemark schedule. Not free, but still cheap at 10 shows for $5.00 prepay or $1/show.

I believe many of the big theater chains do this, so call or google your theater to find out their schedule.

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