Monday, May 25, 2009

Food Fun (or Make It, Eat It)Brownie Scout Badge

This was a difficult badge for us because there are so many foods that we avoid because of food allergies. I modified the activities the best I could.

Baked Apples

Shayla enjoyed helping me make Dad a homemade apple crisp. She could not enjoy the snack (because I couldn't modify the recipe with all her food allergies), but she did help with peeling apples and slicing them for her snack.

Recipe Fun

We talked about where different foods originated from. For example, one evening we had a spaghetti dinner. We learned that originated from China, before it was made famous in Italy.

Another evening we assisted Morgan in making Spanish Rice for her Spanish class project. After her class feast, Morgan told us some of the names of the other Spanish dishes that were at the feast.

Snacktime (modified from Snacks for Girl Scouts)

Shayla assisted in making several of her snacks and packing her Dad's snacks for work this week.

Favorite Foods (modified from Sloppy Joes)/Food for a Day

The guide said to make sloppy joes, but Shayla dislikes sloppy joes, so she assisted in making her all-time favorite dinner, grilled hamburgers and homemade french fries. YUM!

She also helped make a peanut butter/jelly rice cake for breakfast and salad/leftovers for lunch.

Food Pyramid

We looked at the Government's food pyramid chart and discussed the groups of foods, named foods that belonged in each group, how many servings daily from each group, etc. We decided that like many we probably should eat more fruits and veggies, but for the most part, we are ok.

In the past, we have used her plastic play food to separate into correct food groups for hands-on fun.

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