Monday, February 2, 2009

A Month of Meals - Menu Plans for Februrary

I menu plan a month at a time. Most foods are only served once a month, but a few like eggs are served several times (because they are free from our chickens). Monthly meal planning is really not that difficult. We are very limited in foods that we can eat by our food allergies.

I apologize that I didn't do a price breakdown. Most of our meals feed 3 adults and 2 kids and are around $5, including side dishes. The meals would be even cheaper if you didn't have to buy special foods for allergies.

So here's what I have.

  1. salmon patties

  2. chili soup

  3. baked chicken

  4. potato soup

  5. burgers & fries

  6. eggs & fried taters

  7. homemade hamber or chicken helper

  8. veggie soup

  9. sloppy joes

  10. chicken rice stir fry

  11. tacos

  12. meatloaf

  13. round steak & mashed potatoes

  14. soup beans

  15. pizza

  16. chicken & rice casserole

  17. pork chops

  18. roast

  19. homemade chicken nuggets

  20. salisbury steaks

  21. chicken quesadillas

  22. spaghetti & meatballs

  23. eggs & fried taters

  24. hot dogs

  25. spanish rice & porcupine balls

  26. bbq beef & baked beans

  27. salmon patties & lentils

  28. chicken noodle soup

Am I missing something? What's on your dinner table?

For more ideas, visit Organizing Junkie for Meal Planning Monday.


Casdok said...

Think you have it all covered!

Jennifer said...

HI Calina, I tried commenting to you over on my blog, but it didn't go through, odd. Anyway, thanks for the info on the possible tax deductions and also on the I am going to check them out.