Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Homeschool Week Highlights - Monday, Feb 9 - Sat. Feb 14, 2009

Days 99-103

Music: We like to sing along with Piggyback Songs. These are songs that have different words to familiar tunes. Shayla had never heard some of these tunes before so we went here. There are many midi tunes to children's favorite songs.

Literature Unit-Study: Alexander and the Wind-up Mouse by Leo Lionni (reading)

*I was not able to find any other ideas on line, so we mostly just used the ideas from Literature Activities for Young Children by Dianna Sullivan.
Foreign Language: We learned the ASL sign for mouse and rat.

Science: We read about deer and house mice.

Bundle Crayon Mouse: I used a printable mouse, but you could draw an outline of a mouse, then we bundled 3 or 4 crayons together with a rubber band. Shayla drew all over the mouse, cut it out, then made a crayon resist by painting over the mouse with watercolors (art).

"What if. . .": Use these questions to check reading comprehension and imagination:
  • Willy had not been thrown away in the junk box?

  • Alexander had not found a purple pebble?

  • the magic lizard could not grant a magical wish?

  • Willy had not wanted to become a real mouse?

Shayla made a paper Alexander. (It looks like a rat to me, but ok). (art & fine motor). She colored a colorful magic lizard (again, we had a worksheet, but you may find one online or draw one freehand). She completed a message page. There were pebbles with numbers and letters, she had to decipher what letter to write on the line by the number.

We discussed the art in Leo Lionni's books. This was in his typical style. Alexander also reminded us of Frederick. We discussed the Leo Lionni play that we went to last year.

Finally, I wrote the name of the book and the author in dotted letters. She traced over these. (This is to get her ready for book reports).

In the middle we glued paper mice we made. To make the mice, simply cut a piece of paper in a heart shape. Then cut the heart shape in half. Each half is a mouse. Then I cut little ears, she glued a googly eye on each, and drew a tail. (art, fine motor)

Game play: The Mousetrap board game.

Snack idea: cheese chunks.

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Stacy said...

It always looks like your kids are having so much fun with their school. I tend to get too wrapped up in textbooks, which leads to very long, boring days. (sigh)