Monday, January 5, 2009

A Vacation from Learning????

We're ready to get back to homeschooling today. But I wanted to share with you how we incorporate homeschooling into play.

Shayla loves plays. She loves to watch plays and put on plays. We are using this love to set up social scenarios. I went to the library and searched "shy." I left with a whole load of books. We are going to read one book a day and reinact the story using her puppets, stuffed animals, whatever she fancies that day. We will answer all of her whys and what ifs. I realize this is very important to her because she loves to reinact things that happen in real life. After several times of doing it at home, she reinacts it the way she wishes she would have responded.

I decided for Shayla's New Year's resolution to tackle her shyness issue. It must have been meant to be because I happened to flip through the Dec/Jan issue of Family Fun magazine and read an article entitled "Fear Not!" I learned that extreme shyness, or selective mutism was a form of anxiety. (Yes, she was diagnosed with that). There were several ideas mentioned in the article that we are going to try. I will post more about that as we attempt them!

If your children are having anxiety issues, here are some sites I have checked over (thanks to Family Fun).


Stacy said...

Thanks for participating this week.

DD used to "act" out through her Barbies, what story I would read to her. It helped with her comprehension because she had to pay attention to know what to "act" out.

Colleen said...

The play set looks really cute...I like to try to find toys that are fun yet therapeutic myself. I have a cousin who has selective mutism. I moved away so I dont know the ins and outs on her progress...but she is a bit more talkative now as a teen than she was starting school.

Anonymous said...

What great ideas. Thank you for sharing!

I'll bookmark you and be back to check out your homeschooling posts and links when I have more time to read!

Have a great week!

Childlife said...

Some really great ideas and links, Calina -- I'm so glad you joined in this week! Your homeschool looks like a ton of fun! We start back up on the 12th :)

~Michelle @ 5MFSN