Sunday, January 4, 2009

Lesson Learned

Hubby's seventeen days of vacation ended today. I must say I am saddened by this. Originally I thought that two people should not be together 24/7 like that. My opinion changed and interestingly enough his did, too.

He now understands how I can't get it all done! Yes, my husband and I both dilligently worked together trying to keep up with the cooking, scratch cooking, all the other household chores, oh, and did I mention, added into that was Christmas, putting away the Christmas decorations, a birthday, running a teenager on outings with her boyfriend and several ball games, and occupying a young child. If that weren't enough, we did alot of running. I went to the grocery several times, because the sales were good. We traveled 4 hours one day for Shayla's doctor appointment. We traveled to our state capital to a large health food store, but also went to several field trip type places for family fun.

I told him, "Yes, I know how you feel. I'm here all day, but with homeschooling, I am not free to be up straightening the house, washing dishes, or cleaning the floor. My first job is a homeschool mama. Her education is my priority." He agrees with me.

I must say with him helping with my workload, I felt like I was the one on vacation. The scary thing is, we start homeschooling again tomorrow. How is that going to fit back into the schedule! LOL!

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