Tuesday, December 16, 2008

We interupt this blog. . .

For a brief break. No I'm not leaving y'all. I just heard that we are about to be hit with another ice storm.

What does that mean? Well, several years ago, we had an ice storm and it knocked out our electric for almost a week. It was not pretty. Now whenever we hear there is the slightest chance we could get hit we take precautionary measures, like:
  • Pray, plead, and pray to God that our electric stays on, because I'm such a baby. It drives me nuts! It is such an inconveinence. I would not make it one day on Survivor.
  • filling all available pans with water (we have a well, so no electric = no water). This is for cooking.
  • filling the sinks with water for washing dishes/cleaning
  • filling buckets with water for cleaning and flushing (yeah, you don't want to skip this one!)
  • filling the tub with water (you CAN heat the water up on your woodstove and bathe with it, don't ask!)
  • doing all laundry.
  • running the dishwasher. It helps to be able to put your dirty dishes out of sight. It helps mother keep her sanity!
  • make a full pot of coffee to heat on woodstove or even drink cold. Yeah, this helps mom keep her sanity, too!
  • make sure I have several meals, including breads and yummies that can be eaten. I like to put both my crockpots to work, until the power goes out. We have severe food allergies, so there is almost nothing we can eat that is in a package!
  • run the vacuum. Yeah, I'm fanatical about that. I do every room, everyday.
  • find the flashlights and candles.
  • plan activities to keep children occupied.
  • find coolers, totes, anything that I can store food in outside if power is out for extended time.
  • make all phone calls necessary and do any computer work that may be necessary over the next week or so. Like go ahead and set up your online payments. Don't ask!
  • charge up the digital camera (so you'll remember this time, always)charge up the portable dvd player. And the laptop, if you have. Oh wait, I'm dreaming here!

Oh, and I accomplish all this while doing my regular household duties and homeschooling. With a smile on my face. Ok, not so much the second part, but anyways.

Do you loose electric service in your area alot? What do you do to prepare for storms?


Amy@GrowingLikeTrees said...

We're in town, but my inlaws are just a step out of town, and do almost all the same procedures that you do. (Except for the cleaning, lol!)

Eleven years ago, they were out of power for a couple of weeks. They brought in snow for flushing, cooking, drinking and bathing. The next summer they built an outhouse. It's not often used, but is handy when there's no power.

Jennifer said...

Great advice! We have no water too when the power goes out and we lost power for 3 hours on Sunday, no idea why. I need to prepare like you, because I know we are in for a winter storm warning. Kevin is out chopping wood right now actually! I think I will fill some buckets with water. Thanks!