Monday, December 15, 2008

Homeschool Day 68 - Monday, December 15, 2008

Last night we went Christmas caroling with our church to people who used to come to our church, but were no longer able to because of health. We also went to a nursing home. Now, she did not sing, she didn't even open her mouth, BUT, I still think there is educational value here. Follow me. We rode with another family, so she was around people socializing. The songs were music. She definately learned character (social studies). She learned that Christmas is about giving, by singing and taking the time to visit those who may not have friends or family anymore.

Spelling: The curriculum suggested the child writing sentences containing the spelling words. Yeah, right. That would take all day. Instead I wrote simple sentences using many easy words. Shayla was able to read the sentences and she wrote the correct spelling word on the line.

We supplemented all subjects with a pile of workbook pages this morning.

Phys Ed: We've been bad about getting outside lately. I'm not a cold weather person. Today it cool, but not snowing or raining (at the time), so we had outside recess today. We jumped and played on the trampoline for longer than I cared to, but she definately needed to get some fresh air. Kids are like flowers, they need good foods, water, fresh air and sunshine, and good soil (I compare this to a loving environment.

Specials: Christmas. We played the Roll-a-Tree game. What fun! I love to include games in our schooling. It teaches so much. She learned about math from counting the dots on the dice. She learned about taking turns and fair play. Fine motor because we had to draw the shapes on the whiteboard. And in this case how to be a gracious loser.

Math: We finished up the weeks' math today. I want to finish all the subjects in this week before Christmas break. Today we practiced making 5 using foam shapes. She completed a workbook page. I had her use star stickers to make the correct numbers in the groups. She has a good understanding of basic addition.

Reading: We sat together and read many Christmas stories. She also removed her chain link and unwrapped a story.

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