Monday, December 15, 2008

A Way to Make Reading Fun

If you have a child just beginning to read or like to have visual/hands-on for the things you are teaching, you are probably going to love this. The Fisherville Academy has these great phonics magnets you can print onto those sheets of magnet paper that you can buy from office supply stores. The letters are single letters, capital and lower case, blends, ending sounds, etc. I had looked at purchasing a tub of these at Walmart, but hesitated, and when I went back after the school supply rush, they were not there.

If your children are accustomed to receiving homeschool supplies for Christmas, they may even make a good gift. SMILES!

Another idea on the topic of gifts. Several members of our family always ask what to get Shayla because I think she has, uh, Everything!!! This year I did something different, I pulled out several of those homeschool catalogs with the really cool, fun stuff (Nasco and Lakeshore). I made a list of all the things we would like to have for our homeschool.

*Special note to those who got those lists from me: I would really, REALLY like to have those alphabet and number rubber stampers with the dotted letter/number already drawn on them. I am doing it now by hand and let's just say it would be a time-saver!

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That is a great idea to put some hs items on your Christmas list! (Especially when dks have

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